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Bulkland (2017)

  • 43

The Futian Market of Yiwu in China is where wholesale buyers come from around the world to buy cheap Chinese goods. Covering 4 million square metres, 120,000 suppliers hawk their wares. They sell everything from toys to fluffy handcuffs, to Xmas Santas doing strange things. Business moves at a hundred miles an hour and the air is full of tales of quick fortunes, kidnapped businessmen and now, a slumping market.

Secrets of the Castle (2014)

  • 229

Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold learn about living in the medieval world and help rebuild a castle.

The Killing Field (2014)

  • 456

A task force is sent to a small country town to investigate a shocking crime.

Haunting Fear (1990)

  • 327

Victoria can't sleep: she's having bad dreams about being buried alive. Her husband Terry makes her go see Dr. Carlton, who she blames for her father's death. Unable to help her, he asks Dr. Harcourt to try and unlock Victoria's mental block with hypnotism. Meanwhile Terry continues an affair with his secretary, and worries about paying off a huge gambling debt. Terry could pay off his debt and be with his secretary if he could just get his hands on Victoria's money somehow.

Geez & Ann (\N)

  • 46

They first met at an alumni event. The first meeting was very memorable for the dreamer Ann and the mysterious Geez.

Blue, Painful and Brittle (2020)

  • 28

Neither Hisano nor Kaede are mainstream and average university students. The former is not good company while the latter is an idealist who dreams of world peace and an end to suffering. having met one another they decide to do something about their aspirations. They become the founders of a club. However, Hisano vanishes into thin air one day. The association is no more and the club begins to change. He then determines to take the club back to its root.

Bangkok Dark Tales (2019)

  • 33

If you think "Bangkok" is a great city, I beg you to think twice - Prepare yourself to "Bangkok Dark Tales" the film that made from 3 situations 3 horror stories and 3 creepy places in Bangkok that you will never forget. The first story is about "Gam" a businesswoman who has to work overnight on the new years eve and she has to sit next to her workmate table that he dies a few weeks ago. The experience that Gam have to face that night, it changes her life forever. The second story is about Bee, Net Idol wannabe, and Ann, a woman who never believe in ghost. Both of them come to Bangkok for the 1st time. They were renting a creepy house that use to be a brutal murder family place. Who gonna survive that night, let find out. And the last story is about the cinema theater that allow the only ghost come to see the movie but suddenly one couple accidentally gets into that cinema. Can they both get out of that cinema? because it closes permanently and opens for ghost only. "Bangkok Dark ...

Al Óleo (2019)

  • 77

María, a young student of Fine Arts, decides to spend a weekend with Julio, her partner, in the house of her parents' town. Once there, the young woman will have to face a reality already forgotten. The solid mentality of her family means that practically nothing has changed in the life of his brother Hugo and his father, Arturo.

Tora-san (2019)

  • 14

Struggling manga artist and gambling addict, Suzuo, lives with long-suffering wife, Natsuko, and daughter, Miyu. After stealing his wife's money to visit the race track, he gets knocked down by a truck when he tries to retrieve the winnings he carelessly lost to the wind. Upon arriving in the afterlife, he meets a judge who decides to send him back as a cat. Now, as Tora-San, he has one month to turn his family's fortunes around and show his daughter the love he couldn't in life.

Azali (2018)

  • 115

Amina, a young girl, lives with her grandmother, mother, Rukaya, and mother's brother lazy Akatok in a small town in Gana. Her father disappeared before she was born leaving her mother pregnant. Her grandmother wishes her to marry an old man and be his fourth wife from their village, but her mother sends her to the city of Accra in the hope of a better life. On the way, she meets a young man Seidu. They stick to each other and try to make a living. She decides to work as a prostitute after some unsuccessful job. She eventually tries to reunite with Seidu, but he rejects her. At this time, her uncle, searches for her for several months, but to no avail.