10 Minutes Gone (\N)

10 Minutes Gone (\N)
  • 1999
  • R
  • Genre: Crime
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: 10 Minutes Gone
  • Voted: 1999

A crime thriller that centers on a man whose memory has been lost due to a bank heist gone wrong. The character will need to piece together the missing 10 minutes from his memory in order to determine who sabotaged him.

  • Subpar Action Movie Riddled With Clichés by 4

    The only reason I gave this movie a chance is because I insist on seeing every movie with Bruce Willis. Love most of this work. But this is one he clearly did for the paycheck, because he put no effort into this role and had a total of maybe 10 minutes of screen time. Just a big name meant to pull in poor saps like me.

    There is nothing original or inspiring about this C-movie action flick. Michael Chiklis plays a veteran bank robber who in the opening minutes of a "perfectly planned" heist gone wrong, gets knocked to the ground. When he awakens 10 minutes later (with no bruising to account for the head trauma), the loot is gone and his brother is dead. The rest of the movie is him trying to figure out how it all went wrong.

    The dialogue is probably the worst thing about this movie. Wooden, unoriginal, poorly written, will make you laugh out loud at the "serious" parts. Second worst is Meadow Williams, whose utter lack of acting talent is exacerbated by the amount of botox in her forehead, the combination of which makes her utterly incapable of expressing any emotion convincingly whatsoever. The choice of Lydia Hull as the badass fixer-upper/cleaner was equally poor casting, though thankfully she's barely in the movie.

    And then all the cliches. Guys with machine guns who couldn't hit the ground if they tried, shooting guns with one hand, walking toward the camera in sunglasses in slow motion with an explosion behind you, the "surprise" villain at the end monologuing and providing exposition for the viewers who fell asleep for the first 80 minutes. As for the "plot twist" reveal of the villain, it would have been surprising had I not been able to call it about 15 minutes into the movie.

    This is a good movie to have on in the background while you're doing other things. If you lower your expectations to ground level, you will be barely disappointed.

  • AVOID!!!!!!!! by 1

    The acting in this film is awful, it's like everyone is reading from teleprompter. The "main" woman in it has had so much botox you can't actually tell what emotion she's supposed to be having, and her acting is that bad it's anyones guess. Avoid!!!!

  • Cliché-ridden nonsense by 1

    I've always wondered how it is that 'big-name' stars can get roped into films that are absolute trash. Or how such trash could actually get made. Who among the 5 film companies behind this mess could not have looked at it and said "This makes no sense. We can't do this, it's embarrassing." I guess not. All for the money. Well, I hope they lose a lot, and whoever wrote this, directed it, or whatever, loses their shirts and never gets to make another movie.

    Cliched dialogue from start to finish, neither cops nor robbers that can hit a target right in front of them (the robbers had machine guns, for goodness sake, surely they could have hit someone - but no, just general incompetence all around), an ending or plot that makes no sense, a rat telescoped long before they were revealed - and none of this raised a red flag to anyone. Somebody should have pulled the plug on this before a single camera rolled.

  • Find the lady by 3

    This is one of those Bruce Willis films where he charges $1 million a day. So the director gets him for a day or two to shoot enough scenes to craftily insert throughout the movie.

    10 Minutes Gone is a heist film with a twist. You know this as it tells you during the opening titles. Something about the three card monte and later someone mentions the phrase; 'honour among thieves.'

    Rex (Bruce Willis) is a sharp suited crime boss who hires a crew for a bank job for his client who wants something valuable retrieved from the vaults.

    Frank (Michael Chiklis) a safecracker and his brother Joe are part of the crew. Inevitably something goes wrong, Frank's brother is killed as they try to get away and Frank is knocked out for ten minutes.

    Frank not knowing what happened when he was knocked out searches for the person who double crossed him and killed his brother. Rex meanwhile brings in an assassin to track down Frank and clean the mess up. Make sure no loose ends are left behind.

    10 Minutes Gone is a below average and forgettable thriller. Frank huffs and puffs his way through the members of the gang who made it out alive. He is helped out by some woman who works in a bar whose face has been botoxed to hell. You get flashbacks of what happened during the heist as all the potential suspects act shiftily.

    Chiklis is the star of the movie. He brings some credibility to the movie as someone who might be out of his depth. The twist is predictable though and absurd.

  • Oh Bruce...what happened? by 1

    I am not sure what was going through the mind of Bruce Willis when he agreed to do this film, but I know one thing that wasn't: acting. Stumbling through his lines with a smirk that seemed to say "he he they are actually paying me for this...and paying me a LOT"

    Perhaps he only gave them one day so there was no time to rehearse or perhaps he could not take the horribly conceived story seriously enough to do the job right, but either way, it may well be the worst performance of his career.

    All the blame cannot go to Bruce alone, the other actors were equally unprepared and with the possible exception of performance of Michael Chiklis, the whole disaster resembled a poorly directed high school play. Even the props were ridiculous, like a single old desktop computer on a shelf running the whole security system for a bank, and a five and dime tin cash box that "is no good without the key"...come on.

    The weakness surely started with a sophomoric script most probably written by a first year film school student or maybe a grammar school kid without an imagination.

    The filmography was much better than the acting, dialog or the plot, so there is that, but if this is what qualifies as a Bruce Willis film today, then it is a sad day for the action movie genre.

1Brian A. Millerdirector
2Randall Emmettproducer
3George Furlaproducer
4Lydia Hullproducer
5Jeff Jinglewriter
6Kelvin Maowriter