100 metros (2016)

100 metros (2016)
  • 5327
  • Genre: Biography
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 108 min
  • Original Title: 100 metros
  • Voted: 5327

Ramón Arroyo is a man who lives in Bilbao (Basque Country, north to Spain) with his wife Inma working as CEO in an important company with friends and job partners as Mario. But his daily life ends when one day he wakes up to find himself briefly paralyzed, being unable to stand up from the bed. Trying to know what happens, Inma and Ramón go to the hospital, where the revelation couldn't be worse: Ramón is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a muscular degeneration that progressively will stop any movement of his body, leaving him in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Starting a treatment in the hospital to minimize the symptoms, where he meets other patients with a more advanced state of the disease, Inma has her own troubles due her father Manolo, who has tried commit suicide in his country house where he lives alone after the death of his wife and Inma's mother. Moving Manolo to the city to live with them, things complicate by the so much bad relation between Ramón and Manolo, ...

1Dani RoviraRamón
2Karra ElejaldeManolo
3Alexandra JiménezInma
4David VerdaguerMario
  • Brilliant Movie by 10

    What an amazing heartwarming story 'bout a man fighting for his life. Watch this and be inspired a 100 times. It's not often that I get carried away by movies like this, but this one got to me. I'm a grown man but I cried several times during this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, just do it, you won't regret it. 7,1 is underrated! - Don't overlook this movie just because it's not a big Hollywood flick.

  • Great movie with sense of humor by 9

    This is unexpectedly good movie. What I love about European movies is that end is not easily predictable. There is no happy end guaranteed, you are not sure what will happen until the very last minutes of the movie. Also, intelligent humor is something I appreciate. In this movie it is so well put with the rest of the, not so funny, story. Do not skip this one.

  • Such a positive film by 10

    One of the most beautiful explications of multiple sclerosis on movie over created. The movie advocates the disease and all of the negative effects that it brings to the family and difficulties that causes to the life of the patient and the careers. The language is gentile, the set is perfect and all of the feelings are positive despite the seriousness of the disease. I felt totally inspired by Ramon, he offers inspiration, courage and gives strength not just for the MS survivors but to the general public as well. The producers and all of the participants in the movies should receive the most positive critiques as well not just by making story line of such a serious topic but for the decision to produce a movie on this disease which is quite rare in the movie industry. I believe all of the participants in the film should be proud by creation of a movie that will help MS survivors and make this disease visible to wider public. Most perfect part of the movie is that despite of the main topic, it tackled relations within the family and introduced Nino Bravo to the viewers. Music, dialogues, photography and costumes are extraordinary for Spanish movie. Dani Rovira is remarkable, perfect characterization of MS survivor, perfect actor, just perfect. Excellent movie...

  • Honest, touching, fresh take on life by 8

    This is a touching look at multiple sclerosis (MS) and how it gradually wreaks havoc on a family, but ultimately helps build the family's unity and sense of belonging, too. Dani Rovira is very good in the central role, and he is capably seconded by his father in law, played by Elejalde, and his wife, played by the beautiful Alexandra Jimenez, who shows what a woman's quiet and unwavering love can do for a man.

    There are many memorable sequences in the movie, but I liked in particular the exchanges among the MS patients who congregate for treatment. Life is a very flimsy and wanton thing, and watching this movie only heightened my perception of how privileged I am to be alive, healthy, and with my own beloved wife and family.

  • A sensitive and thought-provoking film , very good directed , and being based on real life events. by 7

    Based on the incredible and touching true story of a Spanish young with multiple sclerosis . A business man , Manolo : Dani Rovira , who has his woman pregnant : Alexandra Jimenez , undergoes a terrible illness : multiple sclerosis . As the hospital scanner gives him a sad diagnosis that disturbs his family , as we watch how it gradually wreaks havoc on the united group . At hospital he meets other sick people : Alba Riva , David Verdaguer , Bruno Bergonzini and befriend to them , most of them submitted to wheelchairs . Then , to better himself and overcome obstacles , as he is helped by his beloved wife and a grumpy old man who results to be his grizzled , father-in-law : Karra Errejalde , he is a fashioned man who grows medical marijuana and hides dark secrets . Then Manolo himself makes a bet , to finish a difficult Triathlon , an Iron-Man feat : 3,8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running. And he was told that he could not make 100 metres. ? Everybody suffers an incurable and degenerative illness: Life ? . ? Giving up is not an option ?

    This great picture involves deep drama, emotion , love story , family , human values and a provoking story about people who surmount their vital difficulties .This is a stirring and sensitive look at multiple sclerosis (MS) and , but ultimately attempts to construct family's unity and sense of love , friendship , to improve themselves , and belonging , too . The film is pretty good , but relies heavily on the relationships between husband-wife along with the father in law . Dani Rovira and Alexandra Jimenez deliver top-drawer interpretations as the enjoyable marriage whose lives go wrong when receive the fateful fate . Karra Elejalde gives a splendid as well as sympatheric acting as the angry widower , as usual , creating an awesome chemical with his son in law/Dani Rovira . Karra suggested Dani Rovira for the lead role when he was offered the project. Support cast is frankly excellent , such as : David Verdaguer , Clara Segura as Dra. Berta , Alba Ribas , Bruno Bergonzini , Andrés Velencoso and Maria de Medeiros who long years ago co-starred along with Karra Elejade : Airbag . Furthermore , the extras of the hospital scenes are, actually, real patients and real doctors from the Institut Guttman. Most of the extras of the Iron Man scenes are also actual athletes too.

    Xavi Gimenez cinematography is excellent creating an adequate environment , , he's expert on sombre photography as well as frightening and scary atmosphere ( Machinist , Transsiberian , Fragile , Intact , Nameless , The secret of Marrowbone ) but he has photographed spectacular and sunny films ( Agora, Libertador , La gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón) , too . Being shot on location in Tavertet, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (exteriors, top of the mountain) , Calella, Barcelona, (exteriors, Iron Man scenes) Parc Natural del Monseny, Barcelona, Creixell , Sant Just Desvern, Gualba, Barcelona, Catalonia, and Tarragona Catalonia, Spain .The picture was partly inspired from director Marcel Barrena , who wrote too , basing on real events . Marcel won Gaudí Award with his movie debut, the acclaimed TV movie "Cuatro estaciones".Nominated for Goya Awards for the Best Documentary for his first movie for theaters. In fact , "Món Petit" is one of the most successful documentaries in Spanish cinema. His first three movies (one for television and two for cinemas) has been awarded by the Catalan Academy with the Gaudí Award. His two movies for cinemas, "Món petit" and "100 metros" has been nominated for the Spanish Academy, Goya Awards. "Món petit" is considered one of the best documentaries in Spanish cinema. And ¨100 Metros¨was WinnerCinEuphoria Top Ten of the Year - National Competition : Marcel Barrena ; Best Ensemble - National Competition ; Gaudí Awards 2017 Best Actor in a Supporting Role : Karra Elejalde , Best Actress in a Supporting Role : Alexandra Jiménez ; Nominee Gaudí Award Best Actor in a Supporting Role : Bruno Bergonzini , Best Actor in a Supporting Role : David Verdaguer , Best Actress in a Supporting Role : Clara Segura , Best Screenplay : Marcel Barrena , Best Production Manager : Teresa Gefaell ; Nomine Goya Best Supporting Actor : Karra Elejalde ; José María Forqué Awards 2017 NomineeJosé María Forqué Award Values Education Marcel Barrena Castelao Pictures ; Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Awards 2018 NomineeSophia Best Original Music Rodrigo Le?o ; Toulouse Cinespa?a 2017 Winner Audience Award Best Film : Marcel Barrena . In addition , Spanish Neurologist Society awarded the movie for its contribution with Multiple Sclerosis .

1Xavi Giménezcinematographer
2Rodrigo Leãocomposer
3Marcel Barrenadirector
4Laura Fernández Britesproducer
5Carlos Fernándezproducer
6Tino Navarroproducer