100m Criminal Conviction (2017)

100m Criminal Conviction (2017)
  • 34
  • Genre: Crime
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: 100m Criminal Conviction
  • Voted: 34


1Steve RizzoDouglas
2Lawrene DenkersCeline
3Hannah GrieveSophia
4Giancarlo MuranoDaniel
  • Painfully Amateur ... Directing, Acting, Editing, you name it. by 1

    Nice try, but far from any cigar.

    First, 20 minutes into the movie any buff will see the plot a mile away. Secondly, though you try giving a chance, the sad sack directing and poor acting make that exceedingly difficult. That's only compounded by over-shot scenes which clearly needed editing.

    The end result was a predictable story with little pace and boring acting, sans Thomas Joseph O'Neill who seems to have real talent. Kathi Selvakumar's hapless inexperience as a director was as much on display as Raji Nair's as a writer. Same for Carroll Chiramel's editing which might be OK for film shorts but not yet ready for prime time cinema.

    If you're 15 and haven't seen a ton of movies, you'll probably like this one. But if you're anything close to a movie buff, don't be fooled by the fancy (but meaningless) title, slick artwork, suspensful-sounding description or Canadian production. Otherwise, have several cocktails ready for the pain and your smartphone nearby for distraction.

1Leonid Kogancinematographer
2Kathi Selvakumardirector
3Thomas Buschbeckeditor
4Warren Sinnathambyproducer
6Raji Nairwriter