22 vs. Earth (2021)

22 vs. Earth (2021)
  • 1287
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2021 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: 22 vs. Earth
  • Voted: 1287

Set before the events of Disney and Pixar's "Soul," 22 defies the rules of The Great Before and refuses to go to Earth, enlisting a gang of five other new souls in her attempt at rebellion. However, as her cohorts' activities lead to unexpected results, 22's subversive plot may actually lead to a surprising revelation about the meaning of life.

1Tina Fey22
  • Excellent Short by 9

    An entertaining prequel short of the feature film, Soul. It was interesting seeing 22 prior to Joe Gardner's arrival and there's plenty of comedy moments. As usual, Disney and Pixar's animation is outstanding. I highly recommended this short.

  • Outtakes from Soul by 1

    This is like a 5 min clip that's more like an outtake from the movie. It doesn't even have an ending.

  • Pointless by 3

    This promised so much but delivered so very little. Nothing we haven't seen in Soul already. Just as I was beginning to enjoy it, it ended abruptly. Frustrating.

  • Another masterpiece by 10

    Great Jobs,Disney.meaning of life is watch 22 vs Earth. Only stupid trash like DC fans don't like this masterpiece.

  • A Fun Little Short by 7

    If you watched Soul and thoroughly enjoyed it even loved that film there is no reason to not watch this. Some people will over analyze it and either hate it or love it for their own pretentious reasoning. When this is really just a fun little adventure with 22 that pokes fun at her character growth before soul and a few good laughs. Just enjoy it and don't over analyze something that isn't supposed to be Citizen Kane.

1Kevin Noltingdirector