36 Husbands (\N)

36 Husbands (\N)
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  • Genre: Comedy
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  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: 36 Husbands
  • Voted: 121

36 Husbands is a mystical, musical, Kung Fu spy comedy starring 3 powerful women - and a bunch of husbands. Krista, top spy and Kung Fu master, has extraordinary powers and she puts them in action on her quest to slow down the steady march towards World War III. Together with her Kung Fu disciples, Gina and Nola, (and Frankie, a spy on-loan from MI6) they fight and love their way across the world leaving a trail of broken hearts and sabotaged plans. All the spies and evil-doers are tuning into the Bright Blue Gorilla TV show. Why do they watch? Is it the music, is it the comedy? Maybe you can figure it out.

1Christa PaschKrista
2Roberta BianchiniGina
3Nadine NourneyNola
4Dominic AnglimFrankie
5Howard CorlettHoward
6Enzo GiraldoDoctor
7Tony MooreMarvin
  • How??? by 1

    Can one of these fake reviewers tell me if you get paid for them? And if so, how can I get paid for fake reviews.

    Now on to the movie or so called movie. Just by watching the trailer, you know this is total crap. When someone else rates this movie 1, you know it's actually and 1 movie. IMDB should really screen the reviews before they post them.

    I'm also just reviewing this so low to counter the fake reviews. More people should and probably will.

  • The shoestring stretchers did it again! by 9

    How much fun it is to stretch a budget? Folksingers-gone-film-producers Bright Blue Gorilla did it again: to make a real movie with just crowd funding. That's the funniest thing: they compete with Hollywood with this unique comedy, made from an outsiders perspective. And even some gender role models are crushed in the meantime with Kung Fu fighting. After seeing this hilarious movie, you would like to make your own film...if you only had as much dedication as them...

  • L.A.C. with a heart for film making by 7

    Bright Blue Gorilla's latest creation is a sweet little monster of a comedy.I will have to introduce the term LAC for this. Low action comedy (LAC).

    A spy movie of sorts with 3 secret female agents and helpers trying to secure world peace through marrying and deceiving dubious male characters who might pose a threat to the world one way or another.This includes special combat techniques, kung fu , sedatives and travels across the world.

    As a production of extreme low cost it praises the love of film making, making things possible within an impossible budget.With an almost innocent approach the creators pour their heart into storytelling with a combination of goofy (in the best sense of the word) surrealism and an almost Tarantino like kitch style.The deliverance of the understated humor in this piece and the construction of some scenes reminds me of an early Pedro Almodovar from time to time (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown springs to mind).

    All together this TAC is a sweet declaration of love to the film media with a fine touch of surrealism and absurdity sneaked in to the easy going storytelling.

  • Don't miss this movie!! by 10

    36 Husbands is a hilarious commentary on the ridiculousness of our accepted media illustrations. The absurdities of life have not escaped the Bright Blue Gorillas, and once again, they have brilliantly brought a twist and added some extra fun for a boisterous and mirthful ride! I highly recommend 36 Husbands. It is family friendly and layered with intoxicating laughs!

  • BBG comedy hits the spot by 10

    36 husbands is a truly unique and witty comedy. It goes way beyond a female 007. In highlighting gender stereotypes but reversing the gender characters it highlights not only the inequality experienced by the stereotype but shows the ridiculousness of the whole system. Packaged with some good Karate and action, the movie held my attention to the last minute. Thank you for putting on such a humorous and uplifting movie.

1Bright Blue Gorillacomposer
2Michael Gloverdirector
3Robyn Rosenkrantzproducer