400 Bullets (\N)

400 Bullets (\N)
  • 1062
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: 400 Bullets
  • Voted: 1062

400 BULLETS is an edge-of-your-seat Military Action story about what it means to fight for honor instead of profit. The film packs gun battles, epic hand-to-hand fight sequences and witty dialogue into its 90 minute run time.

1Andrew Lee Potts\N
2Jean-Paul Ly\N
  • Tired of shill reviewers by 1

    I am reviewing this as one-star just to counteract the shill reviewer who gave it ten.

    There is absolutely no way this is a 10-star film, it is a trashy wannabe, poor production values and a waste of your time.

    Distributors need to stop paying for shill reviews, its an absolute selfish con.

  • the worst action movie of the year by 1

    Really, i can't believe someone gives a 9 off 10 for this kind off movie.The acting and filming are really poor and everything is in the dark.I think low light covers the bad filming and acting i guess.The story of this movie is so thin and not worth watching, beware.

  • the best action movie of the year by 9

    It shows every action, including shooting action, dagger action, and bare body action by mercenary soldiers.There are no useless scenes or lines!If you want to feel the real action, watch this movie.

  • Stay away of this trash. by 1

    Its not even B action movie, its W for waste of time and Z for zero quality.

  • Ewww! by 1

    I saved it on rating 7.6/10 and next day I watched few minutes and I got mad why 7.6? Checked again rating droped already lol.

1George Burtcinematographer
2Max Sweirycomposer
3Tom Patondirector
4Alexa Waughproducer