5 Masks (2015)

5 Masks (2015)
  • 35
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2015 ()
  • Running time: 91 min
  • Original Title: 5 Maschere
  • Voted: 35

A psychopathic robber, Walter Lari and his gang of criminals organize a last hit to a bank. Meanwhile the police, driven by inspector Orfeo Cosmi and his deputy Antonio Landi investigates on them.

1Robert Walter ColombiniWalter Lari
2Cesare TarabellaOrfeo Cosmi
3Marco BonuccelliMarko Krasic
4Massimo PasquiniAntonio Landi
  • dont waste your time!! by 1

    This is stupidly shot movie. It is very low budget and camera angles shown seems to be a person who has held camera for the very first time in their life. Suddenly shots are in timelapse and then there is unwanted background Euro metal sort of score playing which instead of setting a tone feels more like a hindrance. The camera then jumps to documentary style i.e. Very up close and personal like you are very close to other person's face while talking. There is nothing much to story. Even movies with POV or shaky camera like Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity were low budget affair but their camera work added flair to subject but not in this case. This is more like an utter failure and movies like this should not be made. A complete waste of money and other time.

1Dario Cappaneracomposer
2Diego Bonuccellidirector