A Christmas Crush (2019)

A Christmas Crush (2019)
  • 380
  • Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: 87 min
  • Original Title: A Christmas Crush
  • Voted: 380

When holiday fanatic Addie (Cindy Sampson) makes a Christmas wish for her next door neighbor Sam (Robin Dunne) to fall in love with her, she's not expecting anything to happen - and she definitely isn't expecting the wish to go awry and cause her other neighbor, Pete (Chris Violette) to fall in love instead. When Pete's romantic gestures grow more and more over-the-top, Addie recruits Sam to help. With Sam's assistance, can Addie break the spell by Christmas? Or will she spend the rest of her life dealing with a love-lorn Pete?

1Cindy SampsonAddie
2Robin DunneSam
3Chris ViolettePete
4Erica DeutschmanDrea
  • Review by 1

    Easily the worst movie I have ever seen... I was in shock that it was even on tv. Painful to watch.

  • DOA by 2

    Sorry to say this but the plot is so hard to watch I wanted it slit my wrists.

  • Cringe to the max!!! by 1

    I was cringing so hard the entire movie. The main character is such an idiot and can't seem to ever come out of her self centered polite bubble. She literally spend the entire movie cowering away and "trying" to "fix" things without actually working to fixing anything. She's like a clueless bimbo just too stupid to complete a thought or sentence through the entire movie. None of her actions make sense and the blond friend she's paired up with is even more useless. I normally love these stupid cheesy Christmas movies but this one I will need to put in the trash. Don't waste your time.

  • Makeup artist is terrible. by 3

    I couldn't watch the movie because I couldn't get past the hideous makeup on Cindy Sampson. Awful!!!!

  • Sampson deserves much better material than this by 4

    You may recognize Cindy Sampson - the lead female role in this film - as private investigator Angie Everett from the ION television series "Private Eyes". I certainly like her character in that well-acted series.

    But in this film, she is so "out-of-character" it's difficult to fathom that it's really even the same actress.

    The story: She's a thirty-something named Addie who is just smitten with her next door neighbor Sam. She has such a crush, she can't think straight. During a conversation with an older female friend one night at her apartment she wishes on a Christmas Star that HE would have a crush on her. But though her wish technically does come true, it's her other next door neighbor Pete - an old high school friend who just moved in - that is suddenly stricken with the spell.

    It's an interesting premise, and had it had a little depth and introspection, had better lead male roles, and better supporting characters, they may have just pulled off a decent Christmas love story.

    But we're just left with a lot of silliness, emoting, and overall general immaturity all around. Besides Sampson's character being giddy to the point of annoyance, her new neighbor Pete acts even worse; so over the top in his infatuation that it's almost seems that he's a stalker.

    The other lead male role of Sam, though more serious, is hardly better. He is not really convincing in his late attempts to finally romantically pursue her and compete with Pete for her affection. Indeed there really seems to be no chemistry between them at all. He just comes across as "half-hearted".

    Maybe if I hadn't seen Sampson's character in "Private Eyes", I might have let a few things slide in this film, but she's so silly and immature in this film that it really is hard to believe it's the same actress. I know that actors are supposed to to have a wide range of versatility in preparing for film roles, thus avoiding being a "character actor." But in this case, she just should have looked at the script and given it a pass.

1Michael Tiencinematographer
2Steve D'Angelocomposer
3Marita Grabiakdirector
4Hayden Baptisteproducer
5Bonnie Zipurskyproducer
6John Burdwriter