A West Wing Special to benefit When We All Vote (2020)

A West Wing Special to benefit When We All Vote (2020)
  • 222
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: A West Wing Special to benefit When We All Vote
  • Voted: 222

Stage version of the season 3 episode "Hartsfield's Landing"

1Allison JanneyC.J. Cregg
2Bradley WhitfordJosh Lyman
3Rob LoweSam Seaborn
4Janel Moloney\N
5Sterling K. BrownLeo McGarry
6Martin Sheen\N
7Dulé Hill\N
8Richard Schiff\N
9Melissa FitzgeraldCarol FItzpatrick
  • Amazingly executed! by 10

    The most beautiful TV Series episode I have never seen... in the usual way, that is.

  • A tremendous, timely production by 10

    Even with a pandemic, the cast and crew of The West Wing united for a beautiful retelling of a classic episode. Interspersed with touching calls to action and shot superbly with coronavirus mitigation measures in place, this special beckons us to expect the best-from our entertainment, from our country, and from ourselves.

  • If Only This Was Realty by 10

    If only this was reality. It's pretty amazing that the so many of the original cast come together as if no time at all has passed. Sterling K. Brown deftly steps in for the late John Spencer and the rest of the cast inhabit their characters exactly the same way they did 14 years ago. The lack of the original sets in favor minimal sets and no efforts to hide the theater in which they are working works quite well. It all makes me miss it and glad that it's available to stream whenever I need a fix.

  • Wonderful by 10

    Absolutely incredible reunion, and run through of an iconic episode. Everyone is in their top form for this special, it's wonderful seeing all our favorite characters together again. Sterling K. Brown is a good stand in for the late great John Spencer, he approaches the role as Leo McGarry with reverence and respect. All the cameos from various celebrities and dignitaries is very well done, and all the information given on voting is flawlessly executed. My only lament is many of the people who should watch this will not.

  • Wow, just amazing! by 10

    What a wonderful time for them to come together and make this. It was just fantastic. Makes me proud to be an American again.

1Thomas Schlammedirector