Aaina (1977)

Aaina (1977)
  • 89
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 1977 ()
  • Running time: 150 min
  • Original Title: Aaina
  • Voted: 89

Retired Ram Shastri is an upper-caste Hindu Brahmin who lives in a small Indian village and has a huge family which consists of his wife, Savitri, five daughters and three sons. In order to maintain his family he usually conducts small religious rituals for a merger amount with this being the only means of survival for the family. Ram's eldest daughter, Shalini has an admirer, Ashok who wants to marry her but Ashok's village chief father, Jagannath Rao will not permit his son to do so forcing Ashok to leave the house and join the army. Shortly after Jagannath gets a letter stating that his son has been killed. Additionally, Ram values his principles more and thus with the advent of the new era people from the Hindu community refuses to have any doings with him which leads to suffering among his family members. Unable to witness this Shalini decides to satisfy all her family's aspirations by making prostitution her career; on the occasion of her brother's Gautam wedding Shalini's ...

1MumtazShalini R. Shastri
2Rajesh KhannaAshok J. Rao
3A.K. HangalRam Shastri
4Nirupa RoySavitri R. Shastri
  • Strictly Family drama. Treatment is very good. by 7

    This is strictly a family drama showing sacrifice made by a girl for the up lift of her family. The direction is very very good and the story is in close touch with the realities of Indian families of early 70's. If you do not like a lot of emotions and crying, this may not be the movie for you. if you like to see India's culture of 70 this movie serves you right. If you like what you see, you may also want to watch Mumtaz in 'Upasana' and 'Khilona'

    Warning : This movie has a mature (Adult) theme.

1Lokanathan B.S.cinematographer
3K. Balachanderdirector
4L. Duraiswamyproducer
5N. Selvarajproducer
6Inder Raj Anandwriter