Aata (2007)

Aata (2007)
  • 384
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2007 ()
  • Running time: 138 min
  • Original Title: Aata
  • Voted: 384

A boy who grouse watching movies from projector room as his father is a projector man, tries to get a girls love using his theatre experience.

1SiddharthSri Krishna
2Ileana D'CruzSatya
4Jayaprakash Reddy\N
  • Waste of Time by 2

    Oh god!!! I don't believe i saw such a movie. It is a movie that was made with much Hype, and all that anticipation and Producer MS Raju's promises and praises !!! Everything was a waste. The movie had a Wafer thin story line. Happy Moments: Sunil (Comedian) was the only relief in the movie. Ileana D'cruz was a treat to the eyes and Sidharta Narayan was good with his performance Sad Moments: Pathetic Story. Worst climax of any telugu movie ever. Bad First Half of the movie and i am sure few people would have walked out of the theater during interval. Overall: Please don't watch the movie. You would feel sad for the type of movies that Telugu industry is offering off late and would want to quit watching movies for some time.

  • too good! by 10

    This movie is amazing, Siddharth and Illeana acted amazing, Sunil's performance is the best in the movie. the plot of the story is also very intresting too watch. The songs are very wonderful to hear and DSP did wonderful. this movie is highly recomended