Ablaze (2001)

Ablaze (2001)
  • 577
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2001 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: Ablaze
  • Voted: 577

Hoping to make a killing on the insurance money, oil refinery owner Wendell Mays decides to burn the place to the ground. His greed endangers the lives of the entire town as the fireball creates a spreading inferno threatens to engulf the entire city, and stretches the abilities of the fire department and the local hospital to their breaking points.

1John BradleyJack Thomas
2Tom ArnoldWendell Mays
3Ice-TAlbert Denning
4Amanda PaysJennifer Lewis
  • A complete and utter load of worthless rubbish by 2

    It could be a very lame poor parody of fire disaster films, but has not a jot of wit or intelligence.

    Poor camera work - some of it lifted from stock footage or other movies.

    Acting is incredibly lame.

    Scripting abysmal.

    Direction atrocious.

    Everything about this movie sucks big time.

    Whoever participated should be ashamed, and should be banned from movies for ever! One of the worst - no redeeming features.

    2 stars for some interesting pictures of 1960s fire engines.

  • I joined this board while late for work by 1

    just to warn everyone how bad this "film" is. Acting, directing, make up, script... I bet even the food served to the cast and crew on set made everyone sick.

    The main plot and all of the sub plots suck. Nothing is logical, scenes are re-used, and mistakes are everywhere. Here are some examples from the first 30 minutes of the film:

    The bad guys "get away" car loses its' front bumper in a crash and then regains it. The power cord leading to the rotating red light on top of the cop car switches from inside to outside the door frame in milliseconds.

    The actor in the first fire stunt is so covered with protective gel he looks like "grease man." A ranging fire starts inside a bedroom so fast that only gallons of gasoline could have been responsible. A plastic toy kangaroo survives the blazing inferno for at least 10 minutes while only inches from the flames. The "firemen" all run into the inferno without masks, oxygen, or even gloves. Then they stroll about perfectly upright throughout the blazing structure as without a care in the world. One actor falls down and barely bumps his head and then everyone expects him to die. Which he does, but only after a twenty minute death bed confession.

    It goes on and on and on. See how many you can spot.

    So bad it is almost funny

    I have to turn off the TV and go to work now, thank God.


  • Someone set the script on fire by 1

    Absolutely terrible. How can abominations like this ever be made? A decent premise (city put in danger by big corporation, heroically saved by firefighters), but an absolute cliche ridden script of the worst order, hammy acting by a cast who don't seem to know whether to play it for laughs, and very cheap and repetitive special effects. Must have been a stuntmans hog heaven, because we get to see lots of people wandering around on fire and falling from buildings for no good reason. Ice-T, despite taking second billing, appears only for about a minute at the start and a minute at the end. Tom Arnold picks up his cheque by sleepwalking through his role, and the rest of the cast must have been desperate for work and are desperately under rehearsed or just unfamiliar with the script.

    You know something is badly wrong when in the intro scene, a man sets on fire by the side of an extremely large lake, yet prefers to wander around going 'argh, argh' rather than THROWING HIMSELF IN THE LAKE! The final climactic scene is frankly laughable - not even 'good in a bad way' as people make mistakes that they simply wouldn't do in real life (walking around slowly and having a look at the pretty fires rather than running like hell). Do yourself a favour and avoid this turkey.

  • BRUTAL by 1

    This movie By Far is the Worst Movie I have ever seen. First off it didnt make any sense AT ALL!! Secondly the back of the cover says that there are arsonists going around setting fires when thats not even the plot. Third im a firefighter and once again it is hollywood over exaderating things not even so much with the main fire but when a house burned down thay made this paper airplane that a little kid was playing with just explode into flames and within 5 seconds this kid's room is on fire, thats impossible unless there was gasoline poured all over his room. What else can I say just bad everything the worst script Horrible no-name Actors. There's only one word that can describe this movie. BRUTAL !!!!!!!! Take my advice PLEASE!!!! save youre 7 bucks from renting this movie you could probally find it in someone's garbage for free.

  • Beyond the pale... Godless by 7

    Although I have been a firefighter for 23 years, I make it a point to not be overly critical when the technical "advisors" drop the ball as they so often have (even on Backdraft and Ladder 49). However, the absolute disregard for any reasonable correctness in this abomination is unforgivable.

    But the firefighting aspects aside, this movie to date stands alone as the worst that I have ever seen. Ever. I accept some of the blame for not ejecting the thing but it was like a train wreck. I could not look away.

    As we all can attest, some movies by virtue of their awfulness can be fun. (i.e. Ed Wood's side-splitting "Plan-9 From Outer Space") This was not one of them. "Ablaze" is one of the many Hollywood debacles that must beg the question, "where do they get the money?".

1Andrea V. Rossottocinematographer
2Neal Acreecomposer
3Jim Wynorskidirector
4Alison Semenzaproducer
5Andrew Stevensproducer
6Steve Latshawwriter