Action U.S.A. (1989)

Action U.S.A. (1989)
  • 284
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1989 ()
  • Running time: 89 min
  • Original Title: Action U.S.A.
  • Voted: 284

After her boyfriend is murdered by the gangsters whose diamonds he stole, a girl is protected by two FBI agents who plan to keep her from sharing the same fate.

1Gregory Scott CumminsOsborn
2William Hubbard KnightMcKinnon
3Barri MurphyCarmen
4William SmithConover
  • Action and nothing else by 10

    The directing debut of Stuntmen John Stewart shows 90 minutes fast action and nothing else. Greg Cummings plays one of his rare good guy parts, Barri Murphy looks sexy in almost every scene and in supporting roles B-movies stars like William Smith as corrupt FBI-Boss, Ross Hagen and Hoke Howell as killers make this movie a pleasure for B-action-fans.

  • Texas can be a place where movies are made? by 7

    Millions of years of evolution have lead to the accidental making of this movie,a vast wet tapestry of human relationships through out history connecting each of us to one another, and also this movie. Does stuff get blown up? Stuff does. Is it possible to film a whole movie along one greasy state road in Texas? Oh yes. With poverty being so rampant through out the world is there enough money to make this movie? Again, yes. No starving child was fed so that this movie might dance before your eyes as some flickering light upon a cave wall. A screenplay was purchased with money, and from those words captured in ink, this movie was born. Yes, there is a car chase and yes there is nudity.

  • It's not about the script, it's not about the acting ..... by 7

    "Action U.S.A." is not about the script, it's not about the acting, it's all about the fun factor. With outrageous stunts and quirky dialog, the film delivers definite entertainment value. The story of missing diamonds being pursued by bad guys is so thin it would fit beneath a piece of cardboard. I say ignore the script and concentrate on what's being said. You will be surprised at the clever one liners spewing forth. Stunt work is terrific, with a helicopter flight that is beyond belief. Thespians should avoid "Action U.S.A." like they would a rabid dog. Those seeking a fun film that has action with an attitude should look no further. - MERK

  • ...this movie will make you laugh...a lot by 9

    Director John Stewart should be given a medal. Not only does he play off of every stereotype known to the action genre, but he redefines ridiculous car chases and explosions-for-the-sake-of-them. ?Action U.S.A.' is a must see for any action fan, and an even muster see for any fan of B-action movies that make you laugh. Where else can you see a house blow up because a car ran through it (without the car being damaged)? From beginning to end this movie will make you laugh, and laugh a lot. Stay far away if you're not a fan of cheesy acting and irrational plot structures, however, as this movie carries them in spades. For those of you whom this sounds even remotely interesting to, go out of your way to find it: I guarantee you will not regret it. Rating: 26/40

  • You like stunts? You'll dig this! by 7

    If there is ever a film that lives up to its title, it is this one. There is lots of action and it is filmed in the U.S.A. (the title on the clapper in the end credits is A HANDFUL OF TROUBLE). Director John Stewart can't go ten minutes without staging some crazy action scene. It is weird though as his film unfolds almost in reverse as the biggest action scenes take place in the opening twenty minutes. Not that the film's finale is a let down, it just doesn't have the huge explosions and insane car jumps that the first 20 minutes display. You know you are in for a good time when the opening credits list Cameron Mitchell (who was obviously shot separately from everyone else), William Smith and Ross Hagan in succession.

1Del Cashercomposer
2John Stewartdirector
3Alan Stewartproducer
4Susan K. Stewartproducer
5James Desmaraiswriter
6David Reskinwriter