Amit Sahni Ki List (2014)

Amit Sahni Ki List (2014)
  • 344
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2014 ()
  • Running time: 110 min
  • Original Title: Amit Sahni Ki List
  • Voted: 344

Amit sahani is an investment banker, single and ready to mingle. Mala is a free spirit who takes life as it comes. When Amit meets Mala sparks fly even though Mala is against all odds not the 'bucket list'-wall girl of Amit...or, "The One". They are soon engaged. Enter the enigmatic Devika Dev. Soon after the leggie Valkyrie descends in Amit's office front and his heart, she turns Amit Sahani and his list Topsy-turvy, because she is the woman of his dreams...The One. What happens to 'The One'? Does true love have a chance here?

1Vir DasAmit Sahni
2Vega TamotiaMala
3Anindita NayarDevika
4Kavi ShastriPushkar
  • A Nice Effort! by 6

    'Amit Sahni Ki List' is a decent rom-com, that delivers an innovative storyline along-with some light moments & a superb performance by its lead-actor, Vir Das. Though it surrenders to beaten to death clichés in the final act, it still manages to bring a smile on your face.

    'Amit Sahni Ki List' Synopsis: An investment banker makes a list in order to find his dream girl. Chaos erupts when he's confused between two women.

    'Amit Sahni Ki List' has an entertaining first-hour, where the protagonist's journey in order to find his ideal women, gives us a few genuine comedic gems. Also, the supporting characters are nicely written, particularly the protagonist's buddy (Played by An Excellent Kavi Shastri), who brings the house down with some really funny lines. However, The final act is a stinker, giving in to clichés & predictability. This segment of an otherwise breezy film, certainly disappoints!

    The Screenplay is pretty fine, until it slips into predictability. Ajay Bhuyan's Direction is good. Cinematography, Editing & Art Design, lack quality. Music by Various Artists is average.

    Performance-Wise: Vir Das is the soul of 'Amit Sahni Ki List'. He's likable & believable all through. Vega Tamotia is effortlessly seductive, while Anindita Nayar flaunts true confidence.

    On the whole, 'Amit Sahni Ki List' sums up as a good one-time watch.

  • Everyone Has A List. ? 64% by 6

    We all should start embracing independent films than going for potboilers.

    Movies like Amit Sahni Ki List gives me hope that indie films CAN work in this masala-film and item dance times. Vir Das is a great comedian and as an actor, he not only beefs his resume but also manages to narrate a story. His performance in Delhi Belly was very good, but in here is better.

    Starting off with his character searching for the perfect girl which matches all those points in his list, Vir Das explains his problems to the audience through montages, texts, flashbacks and straight monologues. Every alternate sequence is polished with humor, constantly depicting the digital generation we live in. It essentially focuses on eligible bachelor's hunt for the right girl, largely affected by the opinions of his peers, family and his own heart.

    The screenplay is good enough for the starters (producers and director). The women in here are excellent and play their roles with finesse. Songs and dialogs do only good to the film, although the plot does depend on cliché. This builds up few dull moments in the first half, but the second half is terrific. Climax could've been edited, but I can't complain.

    BOTTOM LINE: It is time that we watch and appreciate films like this, which is the only way to save the greatest film industry in the world.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • Awesome! by 9

    Will refress your list...???? Go ahead! Find someone who goes beyond ur list??

  • Do I smell "Beauty & the briefcase (2010)"? by 8

    'Amit Sahni Ki List' is based on an interesting concept. However I feel like this concept was out there even before this film was released. For example, recently I was watching the film called "Beauty & the briefcase" which was released in 2010. Where a woman who works at a fashion magazine (most employees are women there) is looking for her magic man who fits into her list of qualities. Then she joins as an employee at an investment banking farm (most employees are men there) under the hope that she could find her magic man there. Eventually she met her magic man Liam at a restaurant while at the same time she was attracted to her boss Tom. At the end of the film it turns out that Liam was a fake whereas Tom was a genuine person although Tom does not fit into her list. And eventually she ends up with Tom.

    I agree that subplots and execution of Amit Sahni Ki List are different from Beauty & the briefcase. So unlike many other Bollywood films it is not a total rip off of a Hollywood film, and also it did a good job at the presentation of the story. But the main concept is not fundamentally new.

  • Begins with Mr. Yogi and ends at the usual love triangle offering nothing new. by 2

    The first curiosity one feels towards the movie knowing its unusual title is that what could be this LIST made by Amit Sahni different from the earlier Bucket Lists & many more seen in several films? But sadly, the exciting mystery dies in just few minutes into the film, when Amit turns out to be nothing but another version of Mr. Yogi looking for a perfect girl with some specific qualities written in his so called list. And the moment this fact gets revealed, you feel like saying, Oh Not Again please!

    Frankly post Ashutosh Gowariker's big debacle & many other projects made on this identical concept, it was really strange to see that such kind of boring and routine script was approved by the makers quite ignorantly. Or probably it was done by few persons who are well aware of many popular Hollywood rom-coms made in the west but haven't seen our own Indian projects made with the similar themes in the past as it seems. Anyway in short the story of the film can be described in these indicative pointers beginning with one Mr. Yogi, his list of qualities to find in a girl, meeting a girl who has nothing out of the list but likable, beginning of a sweet relationship, entry of another gorgeous business women, a quick second affair, then break up and that too with a break up consultant, return to the original girl realizing the true love and that's it.

    Enacting this rotten storyline Vir Das tries to play his part of a new age Mr. Yogi as if it is something epic being made, speaking right into the camera (conversing with the audience) taking the straight clue from Kavin Spacey in HOUSE OF CARDS Series. The girls visibly prove that this one of their first projects got by chance and the actor playing Vir's close friend poses to be another Love Guru without any impact. Above all there is a pug featuring in the film too named Noni Singh and that should say a lot about the mindsets behind the project to be honest.

    The cinematography, background score & art direction tries to give it a young feel in a very uninteresting manner and once the secret of Amit Sahni's List is out, the film becomes a continuous drag towards the end along with many mediocre songs, which might sound OK to many youngsters as a soundtrack unrelated to the film.

    In short, it's really weird to see that the directors are not willing to take up some novel concepts in their films made without any big star cast. Because in reality that remains the only way, they can make their presence felt in front of the other big projects marketed so well. And since AMIT SAHNI KI LIST doesn't offer anything fresh in its content or execution, therefore you can easily give it a miss to catch up later at any channel in the coming months. But that too along with performing some kind of creative multitasking for sure, since the film seriously doesn't deserve your complete attention.

1Maneesh Chandra Bhattcinematographer
2Palak Muchhalcomposer
3Ajay Bhuyandirector
4Shakti Hasijaeditor
5Rohit G. Banawlikarwriter
6Shiv Singhwriter