Ana (2018)

Ana (2018)
  • 971
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Ana
  • Voted: 971

Ana meets Rafa in a chance encounter and they embark on a road trip to try and save him from bankruptcy, or worse.

1Andy GarciaRafa
2Dafne KeenAna
3Luna Lauren VelezCamila
4Ramón FrancoDiego
  • Amazing cinematography. The film is made to promote tourism. Puerto Rico is indeed beautiful. by 6

    Lots of greenery, beautiful houses n the fascinating blowhole.The film is about a salesman n a young kid n how the kid helps the man n teaches him to hustle.The film is listed as a comedy but there is no humor.The end scene of the blowhole is a bit far fetched.

  • Why the low rating? by 9

    Dafne Keen and Andy Garcia absolutely killed it in their performances, and I don't mean acting-wise, yes they acted well, but most importantly they were so funny on it, Dafne Keen is hilarious in this. The movie did not work that well on a emotional level to me, but it is a great comedy.Really weird seeing such low rating for such good comedy, especially with all the crap out there getting high ratings. This movie is not about the plot but the interaction and delivery of the actors. So yeah ignore the low score and watch it if you want to laugh.

  • Why the low scores? Movie is great fun to watch! by 8

    Just like another user reviewed, it's a joy to see Andy Garcia and Dafne Keen acting, so, yeah, ignore the low score and watch it if you want to have a laugh. Some reviewers got a problem with humor here, but I am grateful another review made me watch this movie and I liked it a lot.

  • Almost great by 8

    Pay no attention to the detractors of this visual dose of morality in a world that destroys not elevates good humans. This gem of a film will share its world and humanity like no other I've seen in a long time. Andy Garcia portrays a disillusioned car dealer and Ana comes into his life like an escaped angel from heaven's realms...but she's no least not the two dimensional type. In fact all the characters are complex creatures formed by an unforgiving environment. Here's what you'll enjoy: the real Puerto Rico and its warm tough down and out inhabitants surviving corruption drugs and hurricanes...along with the fakes who have given up on humanity; amazing performances led by by Garcia and Keen; an exploration of the psyche of a child scared of adults but eternally willing to live and help. See this pearl of a film. It's a movie to talk about afterward.

  • Amazing Awesome Super Doper Awesome Amazing Movie by 10

    The Movie Was Awesome I loved it a lot It has Dafne Keen in it the girl form Logan witch I loved that movie too and was the only movie that I seen her in so I was really excited to watch this movie I loved everything about the movie the actors and the storyline and the movie is just beautiful too. I know this isn't much detail but it's my first review there's are some senses in the movie that are just favorites and the girl is so adorable and smart,cute Thorough out the movie I just loved it. Ok bye

1Sonnel Velazquezcinematographer
2Geronimo Mercadocomposer
3Charles McDougalldirector
4Luillo Ruizproducer
5Belly Torresproducer
6Cris Colewriter