Andy's Rainbow (2016)

Andy's Rainbow (2016)
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 115 min
  • Original Title: Andy's Rainbow
  • Voted: 181

While doing community service at a special needs home, a rebellious teenage girl develops an unlikely friendship with a young mentally handicapped man who lives there.

1Shelby Taylor MullinsRayne Davis
2Jacob DufourAndy Chauser
3Victoria JacksonDr. Carol Kennedy
4Tim RossJeremy Davis
  • Awesome Movie by 10

    An awesome movie! This movie made me cry, laugh and appreciate life! The struggle of a young lady with life and the meaning of life that shows how kindness can change a life. This movie gives hope and strength and shows where these things come from. Andy's Rainbow carefully and sympathetically shows how the deep struggles and pains of life can be turned into strength through faith. Andy's Rainbow challenges a person who has not faith to know the one who gives faith. The movie challenges a person who has faith to be faithful. A really great movie for any age. A movie that might change the fate of some teenager struggling with the will to live, and shows those who surround our young people the need for compassion.

  • A story of God's love by 10

    Today I have just watched the film Andy's Rainbow. The film starred a few of my friends from Salem: Jacob Dufour, Mariah Dillon, Ryland Sparkles Sparkman, and Daniel Main. This film is unlike any other I've ever seen. The spectacular you serve character development and optimism at Shirley paid off. As a special needs person, I understand the emotional background of Andy. This movie has an important lesson to teach all of us.

    "No matter how bad the storm is, there is always a rainbow at the end".

    Basically saying that no matter how rough and unforgiving life can somehow be for people, things will always turn out OK in the end. Many people have a doubt in their faith. Everyone must hold on to what they have at this current moment in their lives, because sooner or later it will be gone. I have met quite a few people who have gone through similar scenarios as the characters in this film, and have felt the same. But now they don't wallow in sorrow or pain. They have learned to move on, Because they know a simple truth. At the end things will turn out alright, and And the ones they have lost are waiting for them.

    If you want a new outlook on faith and life, I personally recommend you see this movie.

    Thanks Jacob, for inspiring hope in others.

  • Read the Reviews First by 4

    This is one movie where I wish I had read the 10/10 reviews first, then I would not have wasted my time watching it.

    The production values are pretty low so don't expect anything spectacular in terms of acting or anything else for that matter, the whole movie was rather amateurish from start to finish, but that is not the reason I gave it 4/10.

    The reason I gave it a low rating is that the whole aim of the movie was to push religion and they really push it hard towards the end.

    Apologies if this review offends all those that are, but I am not religious and this movie just went about it the wrong way.

  • A Brilliant Story of Hope by 7

    This movie is a must see! And that's not because of its technical perfection, that comes with experience, but because of the brilliance of the story teller in showing an uncommon man capable of uncommon unconditional love. It wonderfully demonstrates that truly love conquers all. The plot and ending are uncommon. I cannot say enough about how pleasantly surprised I was with the story line. Everyone played their parts with excellence. Special mentions for Shelby Mullins and Victoria Jackson. Adam DuFour did an excellent job of playing the opposite of what he is, a mentally disabled man. Incredible! The story shows that it does not take a great intellect to make a great impact that changes multiple lives. Brilliant! Looking forward to future productions from this new company!

  • How a pure heart can pierce through a calloused heart. by 10

    What a beautiful film!!! It's impossible not to fall in love with Andy. He is sweet, charming, and guaranteed to make you chuckle once or thrice. ;) He inspires us to be motivated by the love that we receive from God rather than the highs and lows of life's punches. So well written and unpredictable. You will surely need a box of tissues. Kudos to Jacob Dufour for your performance and an amazing screenplay! Shelby Taylor Mullins was amazing!! Adam Dufour, great film! You must be proud. God is certainly pleased with you all. May you all continue to delight in the Lord as He continues to give you the desires of your hearts. You have already made a lasting impact, but there's certainly room for more in this world.

1Chip Rossetticinematographer
2Matthew Ulmcinematographer
3Adam Dufourdirector
4Daniel Cleghornproducer
5Emmalee Parkerwriter