Art of the Game: Ukiyo-e Heroes (2017)

Art of the Game: Ukiyo-e Heroes (2017)
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  • TV-14
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: Art of the Game: Ukiyo-e Heroes
  • Voted: 244

A journey of discovery into how a Canadian craftsman and an American designer with a father and son generation gap who collaborate to revive the ancient Japanese woodcut (Ukiyo-e) using pop-culture icons: Super Mario and Pokémon, and now Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Fascinating! by 10

    As a graphic artist with 37 years involved in various forms of print I have to say this is a very passionate entry into the technique of Ukiyo-e. The documentary embraces this culture in many ways, not only the craftsmanship involved in the printing, but the use of traditional paper and inks is utterly fascinating.

    I have recommended this film to former students and to anyone with a passing interest in Japanese print making,

    The phenomenal thing is how the artists have incorporated modern popular culture into this craft. The film shows the passion and devotion of all involved and should not be missed!

    Streaming on TV, but should be part of ANY art curriculum.

  • A Wonderful, Detailed Look at Creating Modern Ukiyo-e by 10

    I happened upon this documentary while aboard an airplane and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It goes into a lot of detail about the conception, people, and process behind Ukiyo-e Heroes, and follows the creation of one print from conception to completion, and even showcases some of the tools and materials used to create the prints, as well as the people behind those.

    It was fascinating to see how these prints are made, and this documentary does a great job showcasing the skill, artistry, and attention to detail that is clearly required by the craft.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in Japanese art.

  • A Great Combination of Informative and Entertaining by 10

    I loved this even more than I thought I would(and I came into it expecting it really like it)! I've watched some of David's Youtube videos on how he's made some of their prints, but this documentary takes you through the entire process, as well as some history on woodblock printers, and even where they get all of their supplies. I didn't realize how much time and work went into each print, it's fascinating! I would highly recommend!

  • Inspiration! by 10

    I saw this on an airplane...don't miss it. This is a frank and compelling story of creativity combined with drive to excel. The doggedness of designer and carver and the view of the collaborative process is inspiring and salutary. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Well done by 10

    This documentary is very enjoyable. It is interesting to see how jed henry and Dave met and created these beautiful works of art. Very educational. I know nothing about art , yet the entire movie fascinated me. Well done. Thank u

1Alan Braxecomposer
2Toru Tokikawadirector
3Yu-Fai Suenproducer
4Min Hye Kimwriter