Aruvi (2016)

Aruvi (2016)
  • 10424
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 130 min
  • Original Title: Aruvi
  • Voted: 10424

The channel has show where people express their problems and the show helps to slove the problems. The protagonist, a young girl Aruvi also goes there and shares the fact that she was raped by 3 people. The show call the culprits and the producer also see her and makes a plan to bed her. The twists and turns begin in show . She targets one of them with gun and asks him to tell a story which will make her cry. The person seems rough and hard. He says he doesn't know. The she asks when he had cried last . He replies a month back. Then he goes on to narrate why did he cry.

1Aditi BalanAruvi
2Padmashri Mohammad AliShakil Waqaab
3Pradeep AnthonyPeter
4ArnoldAruvi's Brother Karuna
  • Good emotional drama spoilt by its reviews by 7

    I don't dislike this movie and at the same time I dont think it is a path breaking experience and questions society as I have seen in some reviews.Though it is high on emotions,the ratings,and the beginning 20 mins are highly misleading.Heck even the storyline present in imdb is misleading.The protagonist as said in that storyline does not take hard on people instead she is amicable and playful which is a huge let down for me because I was misled by its ratings and initial 20 minutes.I wanted her to be rebellious and question the perception of majority.The movie doesn't put forward a moral and critical question but instead gives a lament message which it does very well indeed.I don't know why people think otherwise and say that their perception is changed.If this movie came 10-15 years before I may have agreed with that statement.Because if you had a contradicting perception before I don't know how do you fit in 21st century.Is this movie a new attempt and is never tried before?Yes but isn't as courageous as I have expected.Now coming to the positives the emotional thread of protagonist is well executed and the actress who did it is amazing.I don't want to spoil too much but the life of lead character is shown very well with little diversions here and there.There are some flaws in other characters but it is acceptable if you overlook it.These are my opinions about the movie.Avoid falling for its high ratings and reviews and enjoy the emotional drama and exceptional performance of the lead character.

  • half commercial half documentary by 6

    Its a mix of commercial plus documentary movie explaining the plight of AIDS patients. Kind of scary too to know that HIV can spread in unimaginable ways. Acting performance is super. First half is well paced and interesting than the second half. But this is not for pure commercial film fans

  • Misleading Rating by 2

    This film has one of the most misleading rating like some films in IMDb. Maybe the rating and review were falsely submitted as most of 10/10 review giver has 1 movie review only.

    This film has no strong story, no exceptional acting, no exciting storyline and furthermore the script was million light years from reality.

    It seemed liked as if the writer thought that the viewer has no idea nor they can use their common sense about how television program was shoot, prepared and executed.

    The film wanted to portray a strong message about how women are treated in a developing society. But the logic less and unrealistic depiction of the events discredited the message it was supposed to spread.

    For the lack of credibility and content the final verdict about the film is:


  • Worst movie by 1

    This flim is very bad to watch. It doesn't gives any good emotions. It is over dosaged one. The Screenplay is irritating one.

  • A lifetime Experience by 10

    ARUVI A lifetime experience. A stirring poetry of comfort and conflict . Movie carefully but consistently travels between the montage and narrative movie patterns complimented by a strong non-linear screenplay. Movie heads to a climax of profound human connectedness but with a profound agony.

    A Must watch.

    Aruvi will leave a deep impact on its viewers. It may leave an impression, or nostalgia or a scar based on what kinda of a person you are. But this movie is not going to go way without making a mark in everyone's mind. Gift from a new kid in the block(Arun), to remind the world, TAMIL cinema is much ahead of "so called" progressive cinema in the spectrum of international film fraternity.

1Shelly Calistcinematographer
2Bindhu Malinicomposer
4Arun Prabhu Purushothamandirector
5S.R. Prabhuproducer
6S.R. Prakashbabuproducer