Assistant (2021)

Assistant (2021)
  • 57
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release year: 2021 ()
  • Running time: 73 min
  • Original Title: Assistant
  • Voted: 57

An naive personal assistant is drawn into a murder

1Kate PalmerstonArabella
2Syed RazaDetective
3Claudine HelenMarilyn
4Tiffany RobinsonSaffie
5Antony JeffreyAdam
6John CallaghamDetective
  • Amateurish nonsense by 3

    I give movies 20 minutes to see if they're drawing me in or not with an absorbing story, and 20 minutes was all i could stand of this, the thumb/cover image was far more entertaining. The "efforts", masquerading as "movies" these days is laughable.

    Amateurish, dull, uninteresting, void of any realness, like a school play put to screen, how on earth did this get over a 7 in ratings? Who is rating these ridiculous attempts at "movies".

    There are few movies these days that will hold your attention throughout, this isn't one of them, no way. If you go beyond 20 minutes theres nothing upstairs.

  • Sick by 1

    This movie was the biggest waste of my time. It is also made by someone who is mentally ill and totally not worth watching.

1Louisa Warrendirector
2Helen Graceproducer
3Shannon Holidaywriter