Ba bo qin bing (1989)

Ba bo qin bing (1989)
  • 65
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1989 ()
  • Running time: 98 min
  • Original Title: Ba bo qin bing
  • Voted: 65


1Ann BridgewaterPolicewoman
2Hsiao-Mei ChangPolicewoman
3Jing ChenRooster
4Roy CheungMao Yiu-Tung
5Siu-Ho ChinBruce Hung
6Charlie ChoBiggy
  • This Is Such A Silly Film by 5

    You really have to check your intellect at the door for this one. Its the story of Tung, who recruits a bunch of rogues to wreak havoc in Hong Kong by stealing (hence the title of the film). A large part of the film is their preparation to do it. The film is so full of slapstick and crazy fighting you'll become dizzy. The cast is the best part: A very young Chingmy Yau, the ever reliable Eric Tsang and the always watchable Sandra Ng, amongst others. They try real hard and there are a few fun parts, but overall the film is just a crazy mesh of scenes. It gets a 5 due to it not being boring, but its just all over the map and, at times, illogical. So, if you like crazy comedy with a lot of fighting but little sense, this is your film.

1Ardy Lamcinematographer
2Lowell Locomposer
3Clarence Yiu-leung Fokdirector
4Catherine Lauproducer