Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021)

Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021)
  • 1106
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2021 ()
  • Running time: 83 min
  • Original Title: Batman: Soul of the Dragon
  • Voted: 1106

Batman, Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, and Richard Dragon join forces when they come to realize that they share a common acquaintance. The Martial Arts Master that trained them has been missing for a number of years and under mysterious circumstances. When a cursed relic resurfaces, the mystery of their dead master re-opens and Batman and his former classmates must face-off in the ultimate test of their Martial Arts kills to gain control of this dangerous relic.

1Jamie Chung\N
2Kelly HuLady Shiva
3James HongO-Sensei
4Grey Griffin\N
  • and where.... is the Batman? by 2

    I see what they were trying to do - make a 70's kung fu movie with Batman splicing Enter the Dragon, Shaft and Kung Fu Panda together. In some scenes it almost works - but here's the big problem. When I'm watching a Batman movie - I want to see Batman or Bruce.. and neither one is the star of this movie. The main protagonist is Richard Dragon. Bruce is a side character at best and Batman has a couple of cameos. The mantle of the bat is treated like dress-up time for Bruce who 'becomes a different person' while wearing it.. not really.. His fighting skills get slightly better for some reason - but there's none of the cold calculating detective to be seen. I didn't see - but wouldn't be surprised if this 'Batman' IS wearing hockey pants.. Such a shame because I know the creatives behind this are capable of so much better.

  • A movie with Batman in title and more about Richard Dragon by 3

    Just to market the film, Batman is used in the film. Instead he his in a supporting role, to Richard Dragon playing the lead. A genre mix of 70s kung fu films, blaxploitation films, and a bit of Bond, but no Batman! Poor scriptwriting, bland voice dubbing (except MJW as Bronze Tiger) and weak character development, 2021 started with a bad DC animated film.

  • Not a batman animation by 3

    Poor script, trying to bring the 70s in non sense mingling it with james bond character , we are lost and with a a black movies of the seventy , guys what are you doing here

  • I'm surprised at how good this movie was! by 8

    Everything about this movie screams 70's! From the retro-style Warner Brothers animation logo I knew I was in for a treat. This movie is obviously very inspired by Enter the Dragon, 70's era James Bond, and Dennis O'Neil Batman comics.

    Bruce Timm's animation style looks amazing as always.

    The Kung fu sequences throughout are great, and the movie makes good use of flashbacks.

    Also for a movie with Batman in the title, Batman is barely in this movie. This is very much a Bruce Wayne story which is also unique.

    Glad the 2021 movie season started on a high note!

  • For a movie with Soul in the title, it's unfortunately lacking one by 6

    This was a mediocre Batman movie. Apart from the fact that Batman is barely in it (there's much more screen time with Bruce and the rest of the team), I didn't really care about the characters and story.

    The one positive is that it shows some background on Bruce's martial arts training and elaborates on why he can beat up a lot of bad guys, but other than that it was pretty generic and forgettable.

    It seemed like they just wanted to team him up with Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly, so they set it in the 70s. There's a move Richard does in the movie that makes it obvious they modeled him after Bruce Lee (with a bit of James Bond thrown in).

    Ultimately I didn't care about the good guys or the villain, or even Batman himself, which is a shame because there have been much more interesting Batman animated movies.

    Give this one a pass unless you're a hardcore Batman animated fan and want to watch them all.

1Joachim Horsleycomposer
2Sam Liudirector
3Bruce Kingeditor
4James Kriegproducer
5Kimberly S. Moreauproducer
6Jeremy Adamswriter