Begum Jaan (2017)

Begum Jaan (2017)
  • 2564
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 128 min
  • Original Title: Begum Jaan
  • Voted: 2564

The story of eleven prostitutes who refuse to part ways with their brothel and each other during the partition between India and Pakistan.

1Amitabh BachchanNarrator
2Naseeruddin ShahRajaji
3Vidya BalanBegum Jaan
4Pallavi ShardaGulabo
5Gauhar KhanRubina
  • I'm confused! by 3

    Great casting! Apt locations! But am I the only one who thinks there was really no story to support the movie? Two aspects that were beyond my understanding - First, I am at a loss to understand a compelling reason for the ladies to live in that house, even at the cost of their lives. It is not as if a rogue neighbor or a local goon was kicking them off their property (and they didn't own the house either; the King did!]). It was a freaking partition of the country! And they weren't the only ones being marginally inconvenienced. Millions of people lost their homes and life savings; hundreds of thousands lost their lives because they couldn't escape early enough. Why did the ladies want to live there? They weren't leaving their farms behind. They could continue with their profession wherever they relocated! Second, the two gentlemen assigned to put a fence along the partition line - what was so compelling that they couldn't move the partition line by 100 meters so the house would safely fall in either of the countries? The ladies did not care if they were in India or Pakistan - all they wanted was live where they were and continue with their lives. What was so important that the country line had to be drawn through their house? What was so important about that piece of land that made it more important than the tens of lives they were willing to sacrifice? There are reasons why people prefer to fight for their rights even at the cost of their lives. And there are principles folks follow even if it costs lives. But neither of these seemed like a valid reason in the story.

  • Best movie in its class, built on solid foundation, and conveyed the desired message to audience by 10

    Really hard to find such movie now a days, which can portray subject so beautifully ..Movie have successfully and strongly passed message to its audience. Its one of the best movie because..

    1) Unique story - during independence, where bureaucrats, politician, officers were busy in drawing the partition line, and public were busy in killing their own people in the name of religion. One brothel which somehow going through this line of partition stood up, and didn't allow to demolish it as long as they were alive..

    2) True mirror of society - People who do Hindu, Muslim, upper cast,lower cast, temple, mosque, they do visit brothel.. and do not give a damn.. if a prostitute belongs to a specific religion or cast.. In India.. not many such brothels exists openly.. but type of people shown in movie still exists in same way and are in majority.

    3 ) People playing social activist , have real face in background, looking for a chance.. to fetch a girl and sell outside... Police, bureaucrats & officers ..are regular visitor for gray market business.. but they enjoy as a free service... Same is happening now .. probably less in brothels..but for rest of the black business also.

    4) These prostitutes , neither they were patriotic or religious, were staying in brothel as their own country.. with all freedom inside, and love and respect for each other, and great self esteem.. they died together to protect each other.. and to save their brothel... and outer world.. white color people.. fighting and killing each other for pity matters

    5) Each actor have played their role best.. Vidya Balan was in her best.. many dialogues and scenes are mind blowing.. and will be remembered for long time..

    6) I salute and thank its director, producers and actors and all involved for creating such great movies...of course it will not be liked by many.. who want to see their own ugly face in mirror..

  • A complete waste of time! Frustrating! by 1

    A complete waste of time! Frustrating. I wonder why Vidya Balan accepted this movie. And I saw it for her. It's a complete write off?on all fronts. There's no saving grace in it. Even Vidya Balan wasn't convincing in this. It looked as if she was shying away from playing the role to the T. I was missing Shabana Azmi in this role?she would have executed this with panache. This whole movie project is a write off from the word go. It has a weak script, the whole premise it's based is unconvincing at best. Some actors gave it their best shot?Chunky Pandey for one, the cop, the guy who's their man Friday. But it was a lost cause. Radio? Hell, they were using oil lamps everywhere?how the hell were they listening to a radio when it came there only by 1950? How the hell did they get so many guns? And limitless bullets. Let's keep all that aside for a while. Please tell me, why did they have to put up a fight? Why were they projected as rebel without a goal? There was no audience connect. I am surprised to see people commenting as Fantastic movie, Great movie, Great story etc. That's what motivated me to come and give the right perspective. All these fake reviews or marketing reviews are killing the authenticity of the whole effort. That's really not fair to the people looking for a recommendation.

  • Prodigal waste of talents by 6

    A brilliant director , wonderful actors and a theme beyond imagination even then the film was disappointing. With all these advantages the film failed miserably to convey the emotional trauma of of displacement from home. The director has failed to take advantage of the theme , the team and of course the time of the story . Instead of making a film of Oscar dimensions what is churned out is a substandard film . At moments the film appeared dragging as it failed to narrate the human tragedy in its real sense . It failed to translate the human suffering when fate of poor people are decided by the power centers elsewhere and the orders are followed by petty officials clinging to their briefs in total disobedience to the travails of individuals driven out of their homestead resulting in human tragedy of catastrophic dimensions

  • One word: pathetic by 1

    OK, we think of a Movie, movie based on feminism, Movie starring A Phenomenal actress like Vidya Balan. Movie which is based on a sensitive event like the partition, The first thing which comes in mind is... OK, we'll go for it.. But when we go and watch a nonsense going on in front of you, it's quite irking

    Plot line is simple... Story of 11 prostitutes, one abused girl, one small kid, one old lady, one loyal pimp, one honest ex cop and one school master They live and spend majority of their time In a Brothel.. after the events of partition, they are asked to evacuate, but they refuse. It causes a soft, at times hard conflict between the prostitutes and the govt.


    1. Vidya Balan's amazing performance 2. Re introduction of amazing actors like Ashish Vidyarthi, Ila Arun, Chunky Pandey & Pitobash Tripathy 3. Bollywood debut of one of my favorite directors, Srijit Mukherjee (Autograph fame)


    1. Too Many irrelevant characters 2. Too much darkness 3. Too predictable 4. Full of absurdity 5. Failed attempt to bring tears in audiences' eyes 6. Portrayal of a negative image of feminism 7. Many unnecessary dialogues and R-Rated language 8. Tag line might create misconceptions amongst young ladies

    Recently, we saw many Hindi movies on women empowerment like Dangal, Pink and naam Shabana.. amongst them Dangal was the best and Pink was second...

    Naam Shabana was quite a stupid movie (when compared to it's predecessor "Baby") but still not as pathetic as Begum jaan

    Truly, I wasn't interested in giving this movie a single star. But that single star is for the amazing performances by Chunky Pandey and Vidya Balan.

    If you ask me, I'll say, save your money for Bahubali: the conclusion. Don't waste your hard earned money and time on this trash

    My review: begum jaan - Avoidable

1Srijit Mukherjidirector
2Monisha R Baldawaeditor
3Mukesh Bhattproducer
4Vishesh Bhattproducer
5Milind Dabkeproducer