Better Off Zed (2018)

Better Off Zed (2018)
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 88 min
  • Original Title: Better Off Zed
  • Voted: 191

What if the apocalypse came... and you were happy about it? Logline: A lazy thirty-something is happy to sit out the zombie apocalypse in his fortified suburban abode, until his wife acts on a more pragmatic strategy for survival, forcing him to become the zombie killer he was trying to avoid.

1Graham SibleyGuy
2Christine WoodsPaige
3Samuel WhitehillFeatured Zombie 1
4Grace RoweMarine #1
  • Better Off Zed: Neat little film by 7

    Better Off Zed is a fun little black comedy horror that demonstrates the lighter side of a zombie apocalypse, kind of.

    It tells the story of a couple living happily in their home as the world is getting taken over by the living dead. The guy especially taking advantage of the free time and living it up the best he can.

    I've joked for years about wanting a zombie apocalypse and would likely react to it in similar fashion, don't judge me!

    Better Off Zed balances the grim reality of such an event with humor and manages to deliver despite the blatant budget restrictions. The minimal cast do a great job and I found myself chuckling to myself a number of times as well as empathizing with our protagonists.

    If you're expecting Shaun of the Dead (2004) you'll likely be disappointed, it's not that it isn't on the same level it's just not the same kind of film. This is claustrophobic, minimalistic with a dry sense of humor that manages to be darker even than the aforementioneds finale.

    This will certainly not appeal to everyone but I appreciated it, neat little film.

    The Good:

    Well constructed

    Some real funny moments

    Stands out from other zombie films

    The Bad:

    Could have done with a bit of additional time

    At moments I disliked the characters a tad too much

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    There is still life in zombie cinema

    The zombie apocalypse IS coming, any day now

  • Christine Woods is the worst actress ever. by 2

    Not scary, not funny, just annoying. Skip this one unless you want to torture yourself.

  • total waste of your time by 1

    This movie wants to be Shaun of the Dead and fails miserably. The budget apparently was about $10.00 . It is just plain boring. The male lead is specially miscast. Female lead is better but has little to work with.

    The movie starts after a zombie apocalypse is well under way. Stuck in a house and hoping for rescue.

    This does not qualify as a black comedy. It is completely not funny. And is also not scary.

    Low budget, horribly acted,boring zombie apocalypse movie.

  • Decent. by 5

    Not bad, nor good.

    Just.. decent.No other words.

  • Good movie for the right audience by 7

    The movie is good and makes you think about life, if you can relate to the movie's characters. I guess it can be more appreciated by people in the appropriate age range, about 25-45 years old, who are at a similar stage in life and going through similar challenges and feelings as the characters in the movie. There is some depth in the movie and it has some messages or even lessons to learn, as it is based on novel.

1Travis Stevensdirector
2Steven Morenoproducer
3Luis Reyesproducer
4Keseh Morganproduction_designer
5Amy Toftewriter