Big Trouble In Seattle (\N)

Big Trouble In Seattle (\N)
  • 43
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Big Trouble In Seattle
  • Voted: 43

A gangster is going through court trial for murder. Meanwhile his lawyer schemes a plan to frame a young woman for the crime.

1Angela DiMarcoKate
2Telisa SteenTonya Williams
3Ray HopperAndrew Kolburn
4Emily ShuelBrittney
  • Worth checking out! by 10

    This is my kind of film! Big Trouble in seattle was an engaging film full of exciting plot twists. It is usually difficult as an Indie film maker to find good actors, but somehow Fowler was able to pull this off which makes his Indie film stand out from the rest!

  • A solid Action Indie Film by 10

    Indie films usually get a bad rep for poor reasons. For a budget of 25K this is a well made film. It is perfect? No. The special effects are a little cheap but are forgivable with compelling characters and action sequences. This film kept me guessing what was going to happen next. Overall this is an exciting little action indie flick.

  • Loved it! by 10

    Simple easy to fallow story line. Great hook at the ending! We want more!

  • Indie Film/ Action / Drama by 10

    Excellent film with great acting and overall direction. The score really helped the experience! Only real complaint is this film should've been maybe 5 to 10 minutes longer to flush out a bit more.

  • Childs movie by 2

    If you ask high schoolers to make a movie , the stunts would be much mire sophisticated. After seeing the car explosion i stopped watching. Dont waste your time.

1Mike Hintzcinematographer
2Malachi Fowlercomposer
3Grace Walliscomposer
4David Fowlerdirector
5David Fowlereditor
6Aaron L. Ocheltreeeditor