Bird Box (2018)

  • R
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2018 (2018-12-21)
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Bird Box
  • Voted: 228639
Bird Box is a movie starring Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, and John Malkovich. A woman and a pair of children are blindfolded and make their way through a dystopian setting.
1Sandra BullockMalorie
2Sarah Paulson\N
3Rosa Salazar\N
4John Malkovich\N
  • Some Early Reviews Are Legit 12/16/2018 12:00:00 AM by saroth78 6

    Just wanted to say, there is a thing called on demand and pay per view, and often times movies, especially ones that aren't big budget blockbusters, are released earlier abroad (overseas) either in theaters on or On Demand PPV. I can confirm this because I have seen movies this way, before they were released in the US. I suppose if ones world view were limited to the US being the center of the world, they might not comprehend this.

    As for this movie, it's alright, good enough for a time killer, but won't be saved in my personal library. To me it seems like it's trying the ride on the coat tails of A Quiet Places's success. Instead of not being able to make a sound, you can't look at a certain thing. It's 6.5 star rating as of now, seems fair and accurate.

  • Disappointment all around.. 12/16/2018 12:00:00 AM by BatmanFunReviews2018 4

    A woman and a pair of children are blindfolded and make their way through a dystopian setting. Despite a few good moments and a powerful perfomance by Sandra Bullock? 'Bird Box' fails to deliver any significant thing that you didn't saw in 'A Quiet Place' just earlier this year but then again? It's no 'The Happening' either but i must say both BD Wong and Sarah Paulson were extremely wasted here. Trevante Rhodes took some of the dumbest choices in the entire movie and John Malkovich acted like he was starring in a completely different movie. (4/10)

  • Pretty alright 12/16/2018 12:00:00 AM by alibaba3317 7

    Caught this today. A sci/fi horror film about invisible "creatures" possessing its victims when they look at them. An interesting premise, very much in line with "A Quiet Place" but with a twist. Does it stick the landing? For the most part.

    The film never really loses its pace, it moves along at a decent speed. It's not particulary scary for a horror movie but it does have some strong imagery and violence. The horror elements are character oriented and Sandra Bullocks main character has a solid arc. Unfortunately it doesn't really hit you that hard by the end. But structurally, it's fine.

    The film isn't really that surprising story wise, but it doesn't really matter too much. The cast is solid and the plot is fine for the most part, but kind of misses a lot of explaining about what is actually happening. I was left with several questions regarding the creatures by the end, same goes for a few turns in the story. But this is ultimately a story about being a mother and fighting against your fear of loosing others.

    6,7/10. Would recommend seeing it but don't expect anything mind blowing. My main complaint is with the script. Also, on a funny note, there's a few funny scenes that probably weren't intentional, so if you don't like the movie, at least you can laugh a little.

  • an interesting but slightly underwhelming thriller 11/17/2018 12:00:00 AM by kingsgrl2010 6

    A post-apocalyptic thriller in the vein of A Quiet Place. There are plenty of differences that makes this movie worth watching but has a hard time giving the viewer a surprising or new experience. As I was watching I was able to predict some things that happened, and a twist that should have been shocking ends up being the weakest part of the movie. The movie is at its best when the tension from the mysterious creatures is heightened in small places. When there are too many characters on screen you don't feel the urgency or connect with the characters that may not make it. Sandra Bullock gives another great performance and I can't wait to see Trevante Rhodes in more movies, he really left an impact on the story. Overall a nice watch on Netflix when it comes out, with some great tension, and a nice arc of Sandra Bullock's character.

    just as an FYI - I did see this at the World Premiere at AFI Fest with the whole cast and director in person. so I did see it in a theatre and I am so glad I did! Definitely worth watching on Netflix too.

  • The Happening 2 12/16/2018 12:00:00 AM by COMalcolmII 2

    I was hoping this movie was different from The Happening. I was hoping for that big twist to make this movie spectacular, to set it apart but it never came. Cinematics are A class but the story lacks something that gives you a sense of triumph at the end of a movie like this.

1Susanne Bierdirector
2Chris Morganproducer
3Barbara Muschiettiproducer
4Scott Stuberproducer
5Eric Heissererwriter
6Josh Malermanwriter