Black Boys (\N)

Black Boys (\N)
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  • Genre: Documentary
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  • Original Title: Black Boys
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BLACK BOYS illuminates the spectrum of black male humanity in America. An intimate, inter-generational exploration, BLACK BOYS strives for insight to black identity and opportunity at the nexus of sports, education and criminal justice.

  • n please. by 1

    The entire "matter" is nothing more than a for-profit propagation cash grab. so typical. you reap what you sow. end of.

  • Powerful documentary by 10

    Very poignant and moving film. The message to celebrate and empower Black boys is one that so important right now.

  • Empowering by 10

    Can we please do better by our black boys? This documentary was inspirational. Have a conversation with the black boys in your life and make sure they know they're valued no matter how they are treated.

  • Must see ????? by 10

    Fantastic, inspirational documentary. I found this so moving - engaging from start to finish.

  • watch this by 1

    .. and then go watch 'the first 48' over on a&e for a heavy dose of reality where american "black boys" are concerned. in a nutshell, this show is nothing more than yet another antiwhite disinformation propagation campaign made to cash in on current events. so typical and so disgusting.

1Sonia Lowmandirector
2Evald Ridoreeditor
3Chad Williamsonproducer