Blue Line (2017)

Blue Line (2017)
  • 164
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: Blue Line
  • Voted: 164

A woman and her best friend go on a crime spree to rob her husband and escape her marriage.

1Tom SizemoreDetective Broza
2Jordan LaddLindsay Walters
3Nikki MooreNicole
4Kevin NashCisco
  • A first by 1

    During this pandemic I've seen more movies than I've seen in my lifetime I watched this film in totality I think with a stunned look on my face I read some of the reviews by the critics and populace and I was amazed at the positive ones perhaps they thought this was campy ? Or perhaps it was the male reviews maybe they got blindsided by the stripper she was very pretty ! In any case I can honestly say this is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

  • I'm speechless by 1

    From the acting to the writing, this was easily the worst movie I've ever seen. I realized it was really bad after 15 minutes, but I kept watching because I believed it has to get better. It didn't.

  • Worst movie ever!!! by 1

    The director, producer and all involved in this dumpster fire of a movie should be banned from the movie industry. This was an Assault on me!!!

  • Blue Line by 10

    A good action movie entirely shot in Connecticut, which sees as protagonist Tom Sizemore plays a hard-boiled detective, and actress Jordan Ladd; The best of the cast is anyway Tom Sizemore, in his role as protagonist if the quarry goes well although Jordan Ladd does not hurt her; the film despite the fairly good plot is well-rounded, with action scenes done well; ultimately an good action movie that if you cave it despite everything; the wonderful scenic scenery and snow- covered landscapes of Connecticut are to be mentioned; so good-looking, well-cast action movie, not sure of Oscar but still not to be thrown, anyone who likes genre can definitely enjoy it, for others to look elsewhere.

  • Time passer by 5

    The movie is only 74 mins in length. It's a decent time passer which will keep you engrossed until the end. Has a decent ending. However to get to the end of the movie, you do have to endure some poor acting.

1Jacob Cooneydirector
2David Gereproducer
3Bill Hanstockwriter
4Tyler W. Konneywriter
5George Saunderswriter
6Richard Switzerwriter