Blue, Painful and Brittle (2020)

Blue, Painful and Brittle (2020)
  • 77
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Blue, Painful and Brittle
  • Voted: 77

Neither Hisano nor Kaede are mainstream and average university students. The former is not good company while the latter is an idealist who dreams of world peace and an end to suffering. having met one another they decide to do something about their aspirations. They become the founders of a club. However, Hisano vanishes into thin air one day. The association is no more and the club begins to change. He then determines to take the club back to its root.

1Hana SugisakiHisano-chan
2Ryô YoshizawaKaede-chan
  • Great but not exactly the movie of the year by 8

    I felt inspired to write this after seeing a harsher review of the same movie. I'm writing this the same day as the other review. That being said, I think this movie is well worth your time.

    The main plot is the connection between two characters who are both freshmen at the beginning of the film. The main character goes by a philosophy where he limits his connections with people to limit the pain he causes, but a particular girl catches his interest and they soon become much, much closer.

    To review aspects of my personal experience, here goes. The chemistry between the lead actors makes this an enjoyable film to watch. Although the two don't exactly spend the runtime together consistently, it's easy to care about the state of their relationship and its ups and downs. The premise of attempting becoming the person you want to be and the positives of idealism are equally engaging as they are thought-provoking.

    To finalize this, my only criticisms would be that the directing is average and the acting is admittedly not the BEST. I write that in all caps to try to elaborate that the acting is not bad at all, it just isn't Joaquin Phoenix tier. The acting is still above average, but that's worth mentioning since the film has other aspects that are stronger.

  • If all would be the best as possible by 5

    Could be a good movie but is a bland one.Only near the end; you can find some potential; but is just that.The acting is very poor and the situations expected.In the end, is a Love story; as you know, Love is a one way ticket.

    -Yes; there is not so much to comment about. If you have a bit of time to watch a light movie with "Idealism" as a subplot; this is what you are looking for,

1Shunsuke Kariyamadirector
2Noriaki Sugiharawriter
3Yoru Suminowriter