Blue Strait (2015)

Blue Strait (2015)
  • 15
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2015 ()
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: Blue Strait
  • Voted: 15

For people with a very open minded sense of what cinema can be.

1Stephen Taylor\N
  • Not a movie. by 1

    This "thing" is by far the strangest, most boring video I have ever seen. An ugly gay couple arguing and dropping the camera... sound strange? well I'm being literal here. The entire filming is of an unattractive old gay couple bickering about trees and house chores with long camera shots of nothingness. Who thought for one second that anyone would enjoy watching these two clowns. I was actually cringing during this messed up piece of garbage. What are people thinking when filming these atrocities? ps As an older gay male myself, I'm not being homophobic.

1Jon Jostdirector