BoyTown (2006)

BoyTown (2006)
  • 816
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2006 ()
  • Running time: 88 min
  • Original Title: BoyTown
  • Voted: 816

"Boytown" concerns a successful 80s boy band of the same name reforming their band in contemporary times in the hope that they can capture some of their former glory and that the fans will still be interested. Tommy, Corey, Benny and two others try to reform Boytown in 2005, but now they are all in the late 30s and are not sure whether people will still be interested in them. What follows is their tale as they try to recapture some of their former magic.

1Glenn RobbinsBenny G
2Mick MolloyTommy Boy
3Bob FranklinBobby Mac
4Wayne HopeCarl
  • Great movie - loved it. by 9

    Fun movie with great lines. My boyfriend and I quite enjoyed it. It was really all one joke, but they didn't flog the horse too much.

    Nice, light, fluffy stuff. Loved the songs and the fashion. Don't know what movie other people who've commented were watching. Did they expect Shakespeare? It probably could have been a neater plot/script, but we knew what kinda humour we were gonna get when we walked in the door. Maybe it was too subtle for some.

    I thought the dry humour people were dropping on the sly was great. Australian comedies do have a particular style about them. Go Aussie cinema!

  • Boytown is great - best Aussie comedy in ages by 7

    I got along to a sneak "mystery" preview screening at Village in Sth Yarra, and almost contemplated leaving when I found out it was a Mick Molloy Australian comedy movie. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised though! If you like The Castle, The Dish or any American MTV rockumentary/music based movies, I'd think you'll enjoy this. Glenn Robbins was great in the lead I thought, in fact all 5 of the boy band were very good. Three bad bits- I thought the closing 3 minutes were among the worst ever seen in Cinema, and really destroyed the enjoyment of the rest of the flick. It was Aussie commercial-TV sketch show bad. (and THAT'S BAD!). The same goes for the ridiculous scene of one of the guys dancing in his underwear... BAD! And one of the songs they sing will probably be offensive to some people.

    So, those 3 cringe-worthy moments aside, I think these guys have done a fantastic job.

    I left the cinema laughing and enjoyed telling others about the movie, something I haven't done for an Aussie movie in many years (since The Castle, probably!).

    When it comes out, check it out and hopefully these flicks will keep improving :)

  • Best enjoyed under the influence of alcohol and without a brain by 2

    I expected so much more from Mick Malloy and Glen Robbins. This movie was definitely a 'cringer'. The plot was thin, the humor was weak, immature and unchecked - like little boys laughing at their own jokes. As a woman I was offended, not so much by the lyrics themselves, but by the concept that women in general would be entertained by such rubbish. On the more positive side, I felt that 1980's style film clips were effective and realistic. I quite enjoyed the contemporary BoyTown film clips and would have appreciated lyrics with intelligent humor. The acting was good, filming effective. I would definitely not put this in the same class as The Dish, The Castle or Crackerjack.

  • Hard to fault by 8

    I'm not going to say anything much about plot and content - You should see it and I don't want to spoil a minute of it for you.

    It's not often you see a movie you can't fault, but "Boytown" is one of them. Great premise, top writing and directing, well acted with the perfect comedy timing you'd expect from this group of Australian (OK, and British ex-pat) veterans. The songs for women of "their generation" had my wife and I rolling in the aisles.

    It's a masterpiece of stereotype satire, and an interesting comment on what happens to rockers when they're closer to the rocking chair than the rocking cradle.

    The ending was a surprise (although I had been warned by my son), but somehow it seemed like the best way to end and it neatly eliminated any prospect of the pathetic sequel so many American films seem to spawn. Go and see it, and don't listen to the negative reviews - they must have been watching some other movie of the same name.

  • Very glad I didn't pay to see this (just saw it on free-to-air this evening)!! by 2

    Well, what a strange film that was indeed... The amount of hype that this movie received when it was released in the cinemas was complete overkill and did not justify the quality of the film, which really should be avoided like the plague. Australian comedy really is much better than this, with this feature being a black spot in Australian film history. I was left wondering "Is that it? Is that all that they could do with the amount of talent in the cast?".

    The tag-line of "Population Five" might actually apply to the number of people that may have been left in the cinema by about half-way through the movie after everyone had stood up and departed..... I've got a feeling that the whole production and cast are laughing at the people who actually paid to see the film - I'm sure many people who went to see this in the cinema would have left bitterly disappointed.

    There was a bit of a storyline in this film, but it just seemed that the film was trying to squeeze too much out of the limited time utilized. The issues of family and comradeship were dealt with rather well, especially in relation to the main character (Benny G, played by Glenn Robbins), but the film left the audience wanting more from the heavily underutilized cast. And yes, I agree with the other reviewer (sallyforth1) about the ending, which seemed to be written hurriedly within five minutes in an effort to just be done with the project.

1Mark Warehamcinematographer
2Gareth Skinnercomposer
3Kevin Carlindirector
4Angie Higginseditor
5Greg Sitchproducer
6Richard Molloywriter