Classmates Minus (2020)

Classmates Minus (2020)
  • 570
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 122 min
  • Original Title: Classmates Minus
  • Voted: 570

This is a story about four high school classmates. The storylines are intertwined with one another. Here are a middle-aged director who is frustrated with his undiscovered talents, a hard-working white-collar worker who is depressed about his lack of achievement, an idle part-timer at the Household Registration Office who is hesitant about love and a paper offering maker who is able to communicate with the dead.

  • Movie about life by 7

    Story surrounds 4 male classmates in their 30-40s. It's a drama not a comedy indeed and many of the scene make me recall the moment when i hangout with my high school buddy. We are the same when young but so much different after go to the society to work. No surprise it's a movie with award nomination as many scene are very thoughtful and meaningful. Life is not only only a plus, minus sometimes, that's why it name for this movie.

1Ren-Chien Kocomposer
2Eddie Tsaicomposer
3Hsin-yao Huangdirector
4Hsiu-hsiung Laieditor
5Mong-Hong Chungproducer
6Shih-hao Chaoproduction_designer