Commando Mengele (1987)

Commando Mengele (1987)
  • 165
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1987 ()
  • Running time: 92 min
  • Original Title: Commando Mengele
  • Voted: 165

A Jewish commando unit hunting Nazi war criminals tracks down the infamous Dr. in the jungle, and find that he is torturing nubile young virgins and performing horrible medical experiments on the locals. They prepare to battle their way past Mengele's hordes of fanatic Nazi bodyguards in order to get to him.

1Christopher MitchumWolfgang von Backey
2Suzanne AndrewsEva
3Fernando ReyOhmei Felsberg
4Howard VernonColonel Josef Mengele,Dr. Josef Mengele
  • This movie is... by 10

    This movie is horrible, awful, ridiculous, and stupid. I advise everyone to watch it immediately. It has anti-climactic kung-fu slow motion sequences, outraged Jewish circus performers, and evil monkey/human nazi experiments. Watch this and I promise you will be dumber after having seen it. You will probably drop out of college or high school once you behold the magic that is Angel Of Death (aka Commando Mengele). Oh yeah, it was written by Jess Franco and directed by Andre Bianci (Burial Ground: Nights Of Terror).

  • The fabulously cheesy Boys from Brazil ... in Uruguay! by 6

    Devoted cult film fanatics already know better than to pay any attention to the low ratings of obscure and infamous titles around this website, but I would still like to emphasize the fact that the miserable 2.1 out of 10 rating for "Commando Mengele" should be disregarded blindly! Despite being a total rip-off of "The Boys from Brazil", despite the involvement of reputedly awful European film-makers (like Jess Franco and Andrea Bianchi) and despite the at times intolerably high level of tackiness, this is one outrageously entertaining and delightfully provocative gem! It's a bad film but in the best possible way: dumb but never boring, full of plot holes and incoherent as can be, gory and vile but never shocking and boosting acting performances that are even worse than those in a kindergarten play. A young couple discovers the hideout place of the fugitive Nazi monster Dr. Mengele in a remote little Uruguayan mountain and promptly he doesn't like unwelcome visitors. The girl dies but this guy Marc teams up with a former nightclub dancer who Mengele selected as his mistress. Whilst awaiting green light from the Jewish Nazi-hunters commando to attack, Marc gathers together a specialist fighting unit containing an acrobat, an artillery expert, a martial arts champion and a technician, all of which have a personal score to settle with the Nazi butcher. But they'll have to hurry up, as Mengele and his sidekick Wolfgang have readily developed plans to found The Fourth Reich. "Commando Mengele" is fast-paced and full of crazy action, but you'll have the most fun spotting all the things that are just plain wrong! Like all the contradictions in the script, for example, or the fact Howard Vernon (a Jess Franco regular) didn't even bother to do some research regarding Mengele's appearance! Vernon looks and acts like his own usual self, without a fake mustache or a trying to talk with a German accent. The finale is one fantastically spectacular sm?rg?sbord of action and crazy twists, and in the end we STILL don't know for sure whether the bastard is dead or not! Awesome stuff.

  • Action collaboration of Andrea Bianchi and Jesus Franco by 7

    Weird and funny action in South America film. It is the result of collaboration between two rather bright European b movies masters. And it looks more like Franco's film, than Bianchi's. It is one of those banana super actions, with jungle locations, naked women, senseless story. But it has absurd and drive indeed. It looks like comics in some parts and have lo fi special effects amusement. The characters including Howard Vernon are nice and they make that real-time two-weeks made drive. The fans of Commander Strike, Oasis of the zombies will probably love this super-improvised hallucination etc.

  • Far from Franco or Bianchi's best work, which says a lot. by 3

    Written by the legendary Jess Franco and directed by Andrea Bianchi (Burial Ground), Angel of Death (AKA Commando Mengele) is a dreadfully inept Euro action flick that is nowhere near as sleazy, gory or trashy as it should have been given subject matter and the 'talent' involved, and which consequently bores for almost its entire runtime.

    The film stars Antonio Mayans as Marc, a Nazi hunter on the trail of the notorious German doctor Josef Mengele (Howard Vernon), who is alive and well, creating mutant monkey men in his laboratory. Assembling a team that includes an explosives/weapons expert, a martial artist, a circus acrobat, and an electronics wizard, Marc must gather evidence before launching an attack on Mengele's heavily guarded fortress.

    Incredibly uneventful for most of the time, I kept telling myself that it must get better eventually, but that simply wasn't the case. After lots of excruciatingly dull Nazi nonsense, with not a single credible performance from the entire cast (a chimpanzee steals the show), the film finally gets to the action packed finale in which almost everyone dies. Sadly, an opportunity to go overboard with the blood and guts is sorely missed, most of the extras simply falling unconvincingly to the ground with red paint on their shirts.

  • Bullet wounds, kung fu & incoherence by 5

    Doctor Mengeles, the famous nazi butcher, is still living somewhere in South America, torturing innocent young virgins and being played by Howard Vernon. A jewish commando is set up to hunt him and punish his cruel war acts, but the avengers face the wrath of the nazi lunatics, and the battle rages on until Mengele's bodyguard, a kung fu adept, gets killed. Such plots are common to Jess Franco, but this sometimes talented director should have learned that those movies aren't funny or breathtaking... They're just BORING. After all, Jess's a veteran, but he's done WAY better. Fans be warned, this ain't a good one, and if you don't know Franco, don't try to get familiar with him with this one, try something else, like Faceless or Bloody Moon.

1Norbert Verronecomposer
2Andrea Bianchidirector
3Daniel Lesoeurproducer
4Georges Friedlandwriter
5Marius Lesoeurwriter
6Jesús Francowriter