Contactee (2018)

Contactee (2018)
  • 135
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Contactee
  • Voted: 135

When therapist Jay Rossi takes the case of beguiling mental patient Talia, he's won over by her tales of alien abduction. Together they hatch a plan to break her out of a secure facility and document the phenomenon at a remote cabin in the mountains, but tangling with an otherworldly intelligence proves more dangerous and unpredictable than anyone could have ever foreseen.

1Patrick D. GreenJay
2Vincent CaldoniJohn
3Anteah SuttleAbby
4Sara RobbinNatalia
  • I found myself curious and interested by 6

    I found myself curious and interested and became involved, although also confused several times throughout, then subjected to some tropes of a rather pedestrian variety. I also loved the scenery from my home area.

  • Woah, that was cool by 10

    A really fun watch, like an extended episode of Black Mirror or something! Beautiful cinematography and locations, and the music is killer. A cool, twisty tale.

  • Interesting take on scifi by 10

    Very interesting, fresh take on the subject of aliens. It also delves into mental health, and uses the cinematography and great actors to create a really creepy watch. Would love to watch more movies with this director amd the lead actress!

  • Interesting movie! by 10

    I like that they didn't use a lot of special effects. Definitely a movie that makes you think

  • A Must For Horror/Sci-Fi Fans! by 10

    This film is amazing and wonderful! Visually, it is beautiful. And there is so much to see in every scene - settings ... backgrounds ... lighting ... the actors appearance, gestures and tones - but it's all very subtle. I found myself paying close attention to every detail to find clues to where the director was leading us. It keeps you guessing until the end - and even then the only thing I was absolutely sure about was that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!

1Kevin Englandcinematographer