Cop or Hood (1979)

Cop or Hood (1979)
  • 2207
  • PG
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1979 ()
  • Running time: 107 min
  • Original Title: Flic ou voyou
  • Voted: 2207

Commissaire Stanislas Borowitz is going undercover as gangster Antonio Cerutti in order to expose corrupted policemen.

1Jean-Paul BelmondoAntonio Cerutti,Stanislas Borovitz
2Georges GéretTheodore Musard
3Jean-François BalmerInspecteur Massard
4Claude BrossetAchille Volfoni
  • Improbable, but entertaining! by 8

    Belmondo plays this guy your not sure he's good or bad. Or he might just be the ugly. One thing's for sure, he uses humor, charm and bravado to achieve what he wants. And what he wants is justice. But justice for whom? That's what Lautner wants us to find out. Belmondo is superb in his role. There's so many French films about the police. Some of them are mediocre. This is a good one. Interesting use of the split screen and the camera play. And it really takes a while to know for sure in which camp falls Belmondo's character.

    Seen at home, in Toronto, on February 24th, 2006.

    79/100 (***)

  • Belmondism by 8

    A policeman was killed in Nice, and Paris sends a secret agent to investigate the case. The detective is to stop the corruption among the policemen of Nice by methods that are far from being orthodox. He fights a lot with much gusto and punishes the criminals unmercifully. Belmondo plays this leading part with his inimitable charm, humour and drive. After this film a new concept - "belmondism" appeared in Russia, that is when actors do impossible things on the screen (in the film Belmondo, running, catches up with a truck going full speed). One of the best films with Belmondo.

  • Best Belmondo film! by 10

    In my mind it's the best JP Belmondo movie! It's done in his best acting era and also technically and artistically it is excellent Belmondo movie! Even Morricone did sound for this movie! As all Belmondo aficionados know, the script and plot has not to much of importance but here it is quite good! Also he does some stunts in this movie also! Only thing with this movie I don't like is that I haven't found it with Englis subs or translation. So I have seen it in my language long time ago (about 20yrs) and lately with different languages. I am Belmondo fan but I like this movie best also because his choice of car/cars in here. He is driving Lotus Super Seven which is superb sportster in the world! Anyway, go and see it!

1Henri Decaëcinematographer
2Philippe Sardecomposer
3Georges Lautnerdirector
4Michel Grisoliawriter
5Jean Hermanwriter
6Michel Audiardwriter