Dark State (2021)

Dark State (2021)
  • 43
  • Genre: Crime
  • Release year: 2021 ()
  • Running time: 93 min
  • Original Title: Dark State
  • Voted: 43

An investivative reporter must choose between helping expose the truth or accepting that the world is ruled by a global network of ruthless insiders determined to wield power over all of mankind in a coming Dark State.

1Nicholas BaroudiRusty
2Melissa ConnellLilith
3Antoni CoroneJoeboy
4Constantine MaroulisAdorno
  • Hilarious by 10

    Best comedy movie of the year, Number #1 Oscar magnet. The actors will probably win all the awards this year. Such good acting.

    Highly recommend to watch this masterpiece of cinema. You will laugh and cry from laughing too much. Its such great comedy movie.

  • Low budget, timely story. Relax and enjoy. :) by 7

    This story brings to light many of the important issues that we were concerned about before Covid.

    Now that vaccines are slowly gaining us some freedom, we should pick up where we left off.

    Honour the departed by doing some good! ;)

  • Interesting and close to the bone. by 7

    I don't think this is purely a work of fiction. The characters are fictitious but the story is closer to reality than most people are prepared to admit.

    It's a brave stab at the sins of Hollywood, stardom and fame.

    It will never be a hit. The Dark State would never allow it!

1Tracy Luccadirector
2Michel Greyproducer
3Lynne Luccaproducer
4Dino F. Petrongoloproducer
5Mark Riccadonnaproducer
6Tracy Luccawriter