Das Arche Noah Prinzip (1984)

Das Arche Noah Prinzip (1984)
  • 842
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Release year: 1984 ()
  • Running time: 100 min
  • Original Title: Das Arche Noah Prinzip
  • Voted: 842

Near the end of the 20th century, WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) are retired. However, certain factions plan to use a science space station as a weapon against each other. The astronauts inside will decide the world's fate.

1Richy MüllerBilly Hayes
2Franz BuchrieserMax Marek
3Aviva JoelEva Thompson
4Matthias FuchsFelix Kronenberg
  • Catchy SciFi drama with good looks and a tense plot. by 8

    The year is 1997, and World Peace seems to have come, with most classic weapons of mass destruction having been abandoned. However, orbiting the Earth there is the European/American space station FLORIDA ARKLAB, capable of controlling the weather at any location on the planet underneath. A civil project by nature, it might be abused as an offensive weapon, since it could deliver devastation to any potential adversary simply by creating natural disasters such as storms and floods. No wonder the space station soon becomes the central point in rising political tensions between East and West, next stop World War 3 (as indicated by the German tagline (transl.) "The end of our future has already begun"). We're following the main protagonist Billy Hayes, an astronaut aboard the station, as he wades through a plot of secrecy and sabotage trying to tell friend from foe in the process.

    This film is the first "real" movie by Roland Emmerich, and knowing his later works, it is, simply speaking, surprisingly good. First off, it was and is a visual treat by any standard, with well-crafted models and a set-design that made a point in trying to look as realistic as possible. At that, it is visually reminiscent of many other movies from that era (Star Wars or Moonraker, to name some), but doesn't fail nearly as badly as some of them do; it simply looks good. And what's more, this movie has a story that makes some sense and won't let you leave your seat until it is resolved. The acting is good, the characters are well drawn and partly are in for some surprise. The general mood is by no means optimistic, this is definitely a Cold War scenario, which nowadays of course has the tendency to make you chuckle, considering that 1997 looked totally different than portrayed in the movie.

    Bottom line: if you know later Emmerich blockbusters such as ID4 and Godzilla, you definitely notice his handwriting in this one, and seeing the path he took from here on makes sense. But much unlike said later works, this movie excells not only in the audio and CGI department, but also has something like characters and storyline. People liked ID4 as a cineastic lollipop, but as a film, this one is far better than most

  • I didn't got the point.... by 1

    This is truly the worst film I have ever watched.

    I liked the cover, so i took it from the video rental shop. Big mistake. Everyone this evening was blaming me for wasting 2h of their life.

    The real hard thing is... i watched this movie, and I just didn't understood the story. It was confusing and had no red line. At the end of the film I didn't knew the film was about... the only thing i knew was, there was a space station.

    Roland Emmerich did nice Jobs with "Independence Day" or "Godzilla"... but this one was really awful. Calling this film "the German 'Star Wars'" is offending everything German.

  • There was a space station by 2

    Fascinating and also inconceivable somehow, that THIS really was a breakthrough for Emmerich's career. Okay, the whole career is fascinating measured at the movies he makes - but this one ... Wow! I totally agree with "malk4": Nearly the only thing memorable (and kinda understandable) and worth mentioning is: "There was a space station"!

1Egon Werdincinematographer
2Hubert Bartholomaecomposer
3Roland Emmerichdirector
4Wolfgang Längsfeldproducer
5Hans Wethproducer
6Peter Zenkproducer