De Nuevo Otra Vez (2019)

De Nuevo Otra Vez (2019)
  • 147
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: 84 min
  • Original Title: De Nuevo Otra Vez
  • Voted: 147

Actress Romina Paula points the camera at herself, her son and her mother in this mixture of documentary and fiction. A returns to her roots to rediscover who she is.

1Ramon Cohen AraziRamon
2Esteban BigliardiJavier
3Mariana ChaudMariana
4Denise GroesmanDenise
  • Sensitive, Truthful and Touching look at Motherhood by 9

    Argentinian actress and author Romina Paula's debut feature is a delicate, touching and humanistic look at the cycle of life, its ups and downs, and its need to reinvent itself throughout the journey. Dealing with a complicated existential crisis, and an unbalanced marriage, a woman returns to her mother's home along with her 3 year-old son seeking to overcome the situation. She does everything possible to enjoy that "vacation", meeting up with old friends, attending parties, working on a teaching gig, and finding comfort in a couple of enthusiastic flirts. But mostly, she's reconnecting to her roots, to her mother, discovering and preparing her son, and also examining herself as an important piece of the family tree and as a loyal partner. Filled with charismatic performances, truthful dialogue, and brilliantly blending documentary and fiction, Paula conceived a sensitive, utterly feminine and rich meditation on motherhood and the responsibilities of family. Bravo!

1Eduardo Crespocinematographer
2German Cohencomposer
3Romina Pauladirector
4Eliane Katzeditor
5Diego Dubcovskyproducer