Detective Chinatown (2015)

Detective Chinatown (2015)
  • 2052
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2015 ()
  • Running time: 136 min
  • Original Title: Tang ren jie tan an
  • Voted: 2052

After being rejected from the police college, a mannerly man travels to Bangkok where he and an energetic distant relative must solve a murder case.

1Baoqiang WangTang Ren
2Haoran LiuQin Feng
3He ChenHuang Landeng
4Liya TongXiang
5Yang XiaoKon Tai
6Shenyang XiaoBei Ge
  • Funny, Inspired, entertaining by 8

    I don't speak Mandarin, but I thought it was a quality movie. 100 gags; the audience was laughing lightly through most of the movie. This movie was produced in China and has similarities to a Jackie Chan movie, except that it is slightly better. It has a silly, comedic timing mixed with some serious, violent scenes.

    The audience was filled. I only speak English, but it had subtitles. They spoke rather fast, so I could not keep up with their words, but the scenes told the story. Basically, two detectives are on a hunt for gold and a murderer.

    There is everything in this movie: a beauty queen, a tiny amount of sexiness, mobster actors, a straight man comedic partnership, racing scenes, dancing, excellent marital arts fights and beautiful scenes.

  • A Comedy of Great Quality by 9

    This is not just a funny comedy, but also a well-made film with great quality. The actions,funny scenes,dialogues were orchestrated in such a great way that it drew every second of my attention.

    Wang Baoqiang did a great job in playing a character that is both silly and witty, wild and cowardly, someone you want to slap in the face but also give a dollar out of pity.

    I usually justify things in a quantitative way. And here is the math:

    The average driving speed of the vehicles in the movie is about 20% of the avg. driving speed in 007 Spectre; but the car chase scenes are five times more intense with the cars looking way faster that those in 007 Spectre.

    My opinion might be biased since I was able to "fully" understand the movie with my full Chinese proficiency, and I also thought Spectre was the worst 007 movie which totally wasted two hours of my life.

    Anyway, I thought this movie was a job well done.

  • Funny film. by 6

    I thought the movie was very, very funny.

    It had some very good jokes in it. You get nervous seeing comedies in a different language than your own and wonder if you'll get the jokes, but the jokes were a simplistic base of comedy that everyone can laugh at

    Plus several of the jokes were visual slap stick that was just universal. In fact the movie all together was visually simulating, which showed Thailand's Chinatown to be a very colorful place.

    The two main actors in this were an exceptional team as well. The movie is about a young man who fails out of the police academy despite his exceptional skills in observation (he plays the straight man). TY get over his depression he visits an uncle who lives in Thailand (he plays the screw ball) Together they have to solve a murder while looking for a gangster's gold.

    It was a really fun, entertaining film to watch.

  • Mystery, Comedy and Parodies by 10

    Mixing Crime, Comedy is never easy. You could succeed with awards or flop into winning in Rotten Tomatoes.

    I am fortunate as I speak English, Chinese and Thai so it was easy to follow the plot and this is truly a winner.

    Everyone having a bad day at work should watch this and be entertained.. which is after all what comedy means. Enjoy.

    As for the comedy, the slapstick escapades sequence is just great tribute to Charlie Chaplin. If any reviewers take offense to the farce, they must have not watch Mr Chaplin epic slapstick routines.

    I really enjoy the sequences of another lead getting his nose busted in every scene he appear... a tribute and parody to another Hollywood detective that has his nose plastered from start to finish...

    The crime is a lock room mystery with a twist. And as one of the main role idolize Sherlock Holmes, the tribute to the cinematography in the Hollywood version with Downey is not lost and thoroughly enjoyable.

    And then there are the actions... the actions are surprising. I agreed. Watch the car chase scene and the fight scenes... no spoilers here..

    And finally the black comedy portion. The Hospital shoot out and the reference to the sound track at that moment is truly a genius. R&D on the meaning of the song and you will enjoy the shootout scene!! I see a lot of tribute to Thai black comedy style which I enjoy. And I hope this will encourage viewer to look into more Thai black comedies if you enjoy this movie. A lot of gems there.

    To top it off...the film squeeze in a hidden moral message. See the other reviews for a clue.

    As lost in translation goes, I am afraid its true... easily some of the conversation true meaning might be lost if you watch the subtitles.

    Fortunately "using a deity as a hostage" meaning is not lost in subtitles.

    If you are a film buff, you will be truly occupied spotting the parodies and tribute and amaze at how all these can be spliced in effortlessly.

    And when do big budget movie see an ending sequence where you know the entire cast have a roaring good time? The ending itself put you in a humming mode and remind you to laugh and be entertain.

    If you watch this film to spot continuity errors, and be critical on every scene and plot.. you should not be watching this film.

    Do watch if you think you want to be entertained.

  • Enjoyable movie by 7

    I have seen lot of Chinese movies, mostly garbage in terms of story line and quality of production. However this movie was quite well made movie. I'm impressed. Some people may don't like this movie because it is not right taste, but I think this movie was enjoyable and truly entertained. I recommend for who like comedy, action, thriller movie. I do not recommend if you like dark and serious movie.

1Jie Ducinematographer
2Nathan Wangcomposer
3Sicheng Chendirector
4Yedda Zhixi Chenproducer