Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen (2019)

Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen (2019)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2019 ()
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  • Original Title: Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen
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An in-depth look at Hollywood's depiction of transgender people and the impact of those stories on transgender lives and American culture.

  • Please Watch This by 9

    People need to see this documentary. As someone who has watched a lot of the movies referenced in this doc it is really eye opening to see how these very famous movies have caused hurt to trans people and the trans community as a whole.

    I have never noticed how much of a negative impact these portrayals could have because i am not looking for them and because i have positive influences of the trans community. For people who don't have positive references or influences for the trans community it is easy for them to think every trans person is like the characters they see on screen. That is why documentaries like this are important to shine light on the mistreatment of the trans community in the media, whether it is by mistake due to be uneducated or purposefully to be hurtful and damaging.

    It also shows that we are slowly making process with the representation and we need to keep it up.

    It also frustrated me that Netflix had one again done 0 promotion that i have seen and i had to search for this movie as it wasn't anywhere to be seen on my homepage which is very confusing as this doc should 100% be recommended for me yet they felt the need to give Hotel Transylvania 3 a full splash page at the top of my home page when it is not of interest to me at all. It is good that Netflix has put this on but if they don't help people find it people won't watch it. I knew that it was coming due to other people, so others who are unaware of this movie will not go looking for it has they dint know it exists.

    So please watch this and open your mind to people who are different from you.

  • Finally, the documentary about trans lives we've always needed by 10

    I was fortunate enough to hear about this documentary on Brene Brown's podcast just a few days ago, when she was talking with Laverne Cox. This is the kind of documentary that EVERYBODY needs to see. I'm an ally and have been so disgusted by the treatment of trans people. This is incredibly insightful and educational. I have a hard time articulating, and am finding it difficult to find the words to explain how moving Disclosure is. PLEASE watch this.

  • In Depth and Respectful by 10

    Documentary about the way the media has represented transgender people over the years. Wonderfully done!

  • MUST watch by 10

    Crazy, I remember watching a lot of the shows and movies mentioned growing up but never gave it much thought. I was raised to see people's hearts. I must admit I cried after the clip of the father and she started talking about how she wished she had that type of love. I believe we are one, that there's good in all of us ( some have it hidden so far deep within though), we deserve peace and love ESPECIALLY those of us that has been hurt physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. Pain doesn't go away over time and we NEED to heal, so that we may be loved, love ourselves, and others.

  • Absolutely Essential. by 10

    One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. If you've ever wondered if representation really matters, this documentary shows how bad representation can be harmful in countless ways and good representation can be life-changing for people finding their way.

1Sam Federdirector
2Laverne Coxproducer
3Amy Scholderproducer