Doctor, Beware (1941)

Doctor, Beware (1941)
  • 438
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 1941 ()
  • Running time: 92 min
  • Original Title: Teresa Venerdì
  • Voted: 438

A comedy of errors in which the sweetly incompetent Dr. Pietro Vignali (de Sica) has been run deep into debt by his girlfriend, Loletta Prima (Magnani). After his creditors threaten to sell his belongings, he takes a job as an orphanage health inspector to pay his debts and ends up engaged to wealthy Lilli, daughter of a mattress tycoon, and chased after by the orphan Teresa Venerdí, while trying to keep his life in order.

1Vittorio De SicaIl dottore Pietro Vignali
2Adriana BenettiTeresa Venerdì
3Irasema DiliánLilli Passalacqua
4Guglielmo BarnabòAgostino Passalacqua