Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets (\N)

Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets (\N)
  • 222
  • R
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets
  • Voted: 222

In the emotionally charged, wild and humorous world of sixteen year old James Whitman, we see his struggle to overcome anxiety and depression by seeking advice from Dr. Bird - an imaginary pigeon therapist - in the wake of his sister's disappearance.

1Lucas Jade ZumannJames
2Taylor RussellSophie
3Jason IsaacsCarl
4Lisa EdelsteinElly
  • Beautifully filmed by 10

    Thank you folks ...the subject matter is long overdue. The film's cinematography is beautifully shot and excellently directed. This is a must see! Also, The caliber of the actors is superb. Thank you for making this film!

  • Could this film and its focus be more timely? by 10

    Dr Bird's Advice for Sad Poets is a film that provides the escapism and cinematic delight we are all craving and need at a particularly poignant time. It is a playful and beautiful filmic feast of a gloriously shot movie...... but it is a lot more than that. Could there be a more relevant time to shine a light and encourage discourse on the mental well-being, the loneliness, the disconnection any young person can experience purely by virtue of being a teenager but how about in a pandemic? I'm pretty sure the makers of this little gem could not have foreseen that they would release this film amidst a global pandemic of displaced and disconnected young people. There just could not be a more relevant time to watch this movie and to discuss mental health, particularly of our young people. So take a flight of fantasy and escape your Groundhog Day existence in a way that only wonderful, touching, exquisite cinema allows us to. Dr Bird's Advice for Sad Poets has something to tell us at the exact time we need to hear it and it does it so whilst captivating us with this charming and unique little movie. Delightful.

  • Truly touching by 10

    Each character is flawed in their own unique way, giving way to this quirky story of love, coming of age, and mental illness.

    Funny and endearing. Loved JD!

  • A visual delight by 10

    Cleverly conceived, charming and memorable. It's subject seems particularly relevant for the times we are living through.

  • Wow! by 10

    Such a beautiful film covering issues we all need to discuss more. Beautifully done.

1Pierluigi Malavasicinematographer
2Jim Dooleycomposer
3Yaniv Razdirector
4Shona Tuckmanproducer
5Jeremy Woodwardproduction_designer
6Evan Roskoswriter