Dune Drifter (2020)

Dune Drifter (2020)
  • 600
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 95 min
  • Original Title: Dune Drifter
  • Voted: 600

During an ongoing battle for humanity, a group of rookie space fighter pilots is sent to join the battle against an armada of unbeatable enemy ships. When the trainee pilot and her gunner are shot down, they manage to crash land on a nearby planet. With the gunner mortally wounded and her own life support only set to last two days, our pilot's only option is to fix her ship. The sudden appearance of an enemy craft offers the answer, but as the pilot looks for parts to use on her own ship she is horrified to spot another survivor; an enemy alien soldier who has no intention of letting her escape.

1Phoebe SparrowAdler
2Tom NolanAckland
3Marcus ShakesheffMeyln
4James GroomHordern
5Richard CorganKanner
6Charlotte MounterCallaghan
  • Nvm the bogus reviews, this was very long and boring by 1

    This story was dragged out with pacing slower than a snail. I barely could stay awake. This may have been bearable if it was a short film. The acting was amateurish and the directing terrible. I guess the filmmakers didn't even have faith in their own film... of the 9 current reviews, all of them are clearly bogus and convenient 9/10s. That's pretty sad. Don't waste your time on this mess, even if you're bored.

  • Thank you for that honest review, Simon Dwyer Thomas. by 5

    I guess if the first review was going to be made, it makes sense it was submitted from a cast member. Nothing subtle in their username.

    9.0 really? That's a bold score.

  • Amazing by 9

    A truly amazing film. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat from start to finish. It is unbelievable to realise that this film was made on a low budget as the choices the director and crew make while filming and editing it together creates a masterpiece of visual splendour.

  • Amazing indie sci-fi! by 9

    This sci-fi movie is so evidently made by someone who loves sci-fi movies. There's little winks and nods to so many classics from the genre and it looks incredible! The locations are stunning, the space battles are suitably epic, and the score fits beautifully. In a world of CGI-heavy special effects, it's great to see Marc Price opting for practical effects that work so well on-screen and look better than most of the CGI I've seen. It's getting some high praise as a low budget sci-fi but whether it's high budget, low budget, or no budget is irrelevant; This is, quite simply, a great film and one which I hope will inspire filmmakers everywhere.

  • A Surprise Combo of High Class and Low Budget Sci Fi by 9

    Having watched this at FrightFest, I can say that I was in love with this film. Marc Price has been able to create that balance of low budget sci-fi aesthetic from B movies that most of us feel nostalgic for with High Brow commentary and character exploration that not even some of the bigger budget films can provide.

    It does this by being a film of 3 parts. Part 1 is the Understanding of the Characters/World all set in a confided space of a small fighter ships. We get to really know this diverse band of rebels, before it is swiped from us in the 2nd part which is this slocky but epic space battle scene that clear references to Star Wars after which you are thrown onto the planet's surface to produce a survival horror similar to films like Alien and Pitch Black.

    Its pace is Slow, Fast, Slow, Fast, End. Being a literal rollercoaster and building those stakes up even more. I can not recommend this film enough!

1Noel Darcycinematographer
2Adam Langstoncomposer
3Marc Pricedirector
4Michelle Parkynproducer