Eagles: The Farewell 1 Tour - Live from Melbourne (2005)

Eagles: The Farewell 1 Tour - Live from Melbourne (2005)
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  • Genre: Music
  • Release year: 2005 ()
  • Running time: 175 min
  • Original Title: Eagles: The Farewell 1 Tour - Live from Melbourne
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A documentary of the musical band Eagles and their 2004 concert in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Eagles DVDs by 10

    This a must have music for all music lovers! I do not have enough superlative compliments to describe it. Buy it, See it, Hear it and you will cherish it. I have many of their CDs and DVDs, this DVD enriches them. The Eagles put much attentions in making their CDs and DVDs. Their aim for perfection produces great DVDs. The perfect record mixing shows their musical talents (both instrumental and vocal) and rich vocal harmonies. I am glad to have it after having the Hell Freezes Over. It have new materials and new musicians in the "orchestra". You will certainly appreciate it greatly! As with the "Hell Freezes Over", this DVD provides many audio output selections. To fully appreciate it you will need large screen and more importantly high quality speakers (or headphone).

  • The Eagles Farewell I Tour DVD is WONDERFUL!!! by 10

    This is the very BEST musical DVD that I've ever experienced. There is no doubt that the Eagles have reached their musical peak in their "winter years!" Perfection is the only adjective that I feel is worthy of describing each and every performer on this DVD, from the singers to the musical instruments, all in PERFECT harmony. As is the disappointing case with a lot of other live performances, nothing is lost but only pleasingly embellished. Listening to it with surround sound stereo transported us to the concert! I plan to enjoy it over and over & never tire of it. I also appreciated the support that the Eagles' members gave each other by performing their individual hits, (from the "break-up" years) together. Do yourself a big favor & add this one to your collection.

  • A Sensational concert from one of the Great Bands by 9

    This is a superb Concert DVD. The Eagles sound better today then they ever have. Like the old saying " a Fine Wine ages better with time," the Eagles are a more mature, finely crafted band then ever before.

    Truly one of the great rock and roll bands of all-time, it is a pleasure to see and hear them perform at a top-rate level. I also appreciate that they have included virtually all of their hits with some new twists including a terrific horn section, but at the same time feature individual hits from their solo careers.

    This is a must buy for any rock & roll, easy listening or even country music fan.

  • i would buy this thing! by 9

    superb vocals, great instrumentation! definite A PLUS MATERIAL! the eagles have been, will be, and are the best there is, was, or ever will be! one thing i noticed and will address is that there's a discrepancy between the audio and video on "Walk Away" and will explain the best i can what may have happened....this show was recorded over a period of nights and they must have taken the best audio and paired it with the best video..so every once in a while you'll see something happen but won't hear it or will hear something but won't see it happen. because audio and video are recorded separately for these live projects this is most likely what happened.

  • Fine wine by 10

    Outstanding production. As others have noted, they've never sounded better. Good to see that Walsh has himself straightened away.

    Walmart is moving this for Christmas at under $10, with three new songs on a CD over-wrapped on the original packaging. Doubt you'll ever get it cheaper.

    30 tracks on two DVDs. Both 2.0 and 5.1 sound included. 16x9 video.

    Unlike a lot of live concerts, the audience adds to, rather than detracting from, the experience. Also unlike a lot of live material, this is very well mixed.

    Really spectacular. A great stocking stuffer for any rock or country fan.

1Jim Sheacinematographer
2Carol Doddsdirector
3Jeffrey Doeeditor
4Ken Ehrlichproducer
5John Ramsayproducer
6Harry Sandlerproducer
8Glenn Freyself
9Don Henleyself
10Joe Walshself