Eat Wheaties! (\N)

Eat Wheaties! (\N)
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Eat Wheaties!
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Sid Straw's life unravels as he tries to prove that he was friends with a celebrity in college.

1Emmanuelle VaugierSarah Getz
2Tony HaleSid Straw
3Elisha CuthbertJanet Berry-Straw
4Alan TudykDuncan Lambert
  • Entertaining movie with a great cast by 8

    I really enjoyed this movie! Although the story is not too surprising, the movie has a rather fast pace (a lot of things happen in a very short time), therefore it doesn't get boring and the characters are well portrayed by a really great cast! I loved the characters, the movie portrays a range of people you wouldn't want to be friends with in real life, but they are shown through such a loving and uplifting lense, you can't help but like their quirky and sometimes questionable characters.

  • Very Enjoyable by 9

    We rented this because we like the actors, and it was a delight. The story is somewhat predictable, but not enough so to ruin your preconceptions. There are some beautifully cinematic shots mixed in among the comedy and tragedy told through the story of a man who is wrongfully accused of stalking.

  • Funny movie by 10

    I like it since I was a kid. I love this movie with the burning passion.

  • I loved this film! by 8

    What a great story! Unpretentious, great characters, nice story and funny in a nice way. Sid is great - you just want him to do well.

    I would highly recommend this film because it's a great watch and it deserves to be watched!

  • A story of triumph just when we need it by 8

    I have been watching Tony Hale in the best comedy series ever written, "Arrested Development" and expected nearly the same character in this movie. I was presently surprised when I found him acting the part of someone that I can relate to. Someone real!

    We all have that friend that tries too hard, wants people to notice them and goes out of their way just to have any kind of "win" in their lives. We all need a win, especially now, when we have all been beaten down by so much that is going on in the world.

    The movie takes us on a special kind of journey; of the innocence of some people that just want to be remembered and reminds us of the loneliness that is so easily put upon us by others, sometimes because of the need that drives us to feel human and not forgotten.

    I won't give away the ending or drop any spoilers in this review, but I will recommend you watch the movie. The 8 stars I gave it are for the culmination of the story, richness of the characters,their performance, and the way it made me feel to be along on the journey. That is why we watch, right? I hope you enjoy the movie, as I did.

1Phil Millercinematographer
2Kevin Krouglowcomposer
3Scott Abramovitchdirector
4Salamo Levineditor
5David J. Phillipsproducer
6Michael Kunwriter