Eclipse: The Rise of Ink (2018)

Eclipse: The Rise of Ink (2018)
  • 30
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: Eclipse: The Rise of Ink
  • Voted: 30

Casey is a comic fan who left everything in North Carolina to come to New York City to make his dream of becoming a superhero come true after reading "S MAN" Comic Book. Convinced that the comic book predicted his destiny of becoming a superhero as well as saving New York from an imminent threat taking place in the following 24 hours, Casey fight to convince New Yorkers of the danger and to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order save the Big Apple and realizing his dream of becoming a superhero.

1David ArquillaSam Pikow
2William Scott BrownAngelo Ricardi
3JoAnn CelentanoMolly's Mom
4Meleeka ClaryParty Guest 1
5Scout LandryMolly
6Janelle MeghanKitty
7Omar RajputeAlien 1
8Kalani RobinsonCasey
9Drew SchrumAirman
  • Comic superheros by 3

    Makeup and terrible sound, first half the the actors are inaudible. Did they spend the 50 mil on flowers in the mansion? Nothing flows and you cannot get invested in any characters in the movie. The cut seens are particularly disruptive., a jumpy awkwardness.

  • Very cringey movie by 1

    Awful. The movie moves way too fast. You can't even get attached to a character. The script is so bad, everything just jumps from one thing to another without making much sense and seems like something a 12 year old beginner writer would write. The emotions of the characters and the acting in general look too forced. The scene cuts are also way too sudden

1Alexander Bokdirector