Elephant (2020)

Elephant (2020)
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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Elephant
  • Voted: 1486

Documentary follows an African elephant named Shani and her son Joao as their heard make an epic journey across the Kalashnikov Desert.

1Meghan MarkleNarrator
  • Boring by 1

    And narrated by a Z List celebrity catfisher which doesn't help matters.

  • Captivating by 10

    Captivating story and beautifully narrated. I love elephants and find their sense of family inspiring.

  • Excellent Family Fun by 9

    I just love this very moving family story. Elephant's Narrator brings this story to life beautifully and grabs your attention. Also, the cinematography is spectacular.

  • A great emotional experience by 10

    Elephant is a fun family movie for all ages. Informative and educational without being stuffy, we learn the personality of each family member and the role each plays while making the trek across Africa in search of food and water. Meghan's narration is pitch perfect and a pleasure to listen to as she tells the story of this family of elephants. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Delightful and Educational Documentary by 9

    I learned a great deal about the Kalahari elephant herd from this documentary. I was unaware of the 8 month annual migration to ensure ongoing access to food and water, the matriarchal leadership within the herd and had forgotten about the long gestation period for elephants. I was immersed the story of Gaia, Shani and Jomo's journey. The cinematography was gorgeous and captivating. The production was also excellent. The narration captured the right tone for a family oriented story. The seriousness, the playfulness and the triumphs were skillfully conveyed by the narrator's voice. I thoroughly enjoyed "Elephant." I encourage others to watch with their families and transport yourselves to the world of the Okavango River Delta in Botswana.

1Mark Linfielddirector
2Vanessa Berlowitzdirector
3Roy Conliproducer