Fantail (2013)

Fantail (2013)
  • 149
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2013 ()
  • Running time: 81 min
  • Original Title: Fantail
  • Voted: 149

Tania thinks she's Maori. She works the graveyard shift at a petrol station, saving money so she can take her brother Piwakawaka to Surfers Paradise to find their dad. When Pi goes away to pick kiwifruit, Tania is left by herself to plan for their trip. Stuck in a petrol station - getting security training and making sure her boss, Rog, doesn't lose his job - Tania can't rescue her brother from his new mates and from thinking he can fly. Dean, the regional manager, arrives to keep an eye on Rog but Dean has his eye on Tania, too. When Dean questions Tania's culture and who her family is, she starts to piece together the truth and realises she must save her brother and bring him home. Then one night a cheeky little bird ruins everything and Tania pays the ultimate price for being a hero.

1Sophie HendersonTania
2Stephen LovattRog
3Jarod RawiriDean
4Jahalis NgamotuPiwakawaka
  • This is what all films should be like. by 10


    No dumb, over the top CGI action scenes, no horrible acting from Tommy Wiseau, no trace of bad dialogue...

    ...accompanied at a perfect pace, elegantly mixing comedy and drama thoroughly into a mix that works, with great cinematography and superb acting. Marvelous.

    The pacing in this is absolutely perfect. Things don't go flying at you, but things don't trod toward you, either. The pacing fits the tone of this story perfectly, and the acting and direction of this film are superb. The plot is simply about a woman called Tania who works at a petrol station, but it slowly turns into more than that as the movie goes along. Boredom, insanity, humour and melancholy all fade into one mixture in this film, creating a film that deserves to be experienced.

    I may be considered to be going over-the-top, but I'm giving this a 10/10, because I can find absolutely no flaws at all in this film. This is absolutely perfect filmmaking. Well, what are you waiting for? Go see it1

1Ian McCarrollcinematographer
2Mahuia Bridgman-Coopercomposer
3Curtis Vowelldirector
4Sarah Cookproducer
5Brett Millsproducer
6Matt Noonanproducer