Far til fire & vikingerne (2020)

Far til fire & vikingerne (2020)
  • 49
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: Far til fire & vikingerne
  • Voted: 49


1Martin BrygmannFar
2Thomas Bo LarsenOnkel Anders
3Elton Rokahaim MøllerLille Per
4Coco HjardemaalS?s
  • Another buttom had been reached by 1

    I truly fear for my film soul after having watched this movie. Left the cinema as if I wasnt just empty - I just lost something. Dont let your children get raised with this sort of nonsense.

  • Really????? by 1

    It has to be a candidate for the worst movie in the entire history of mankind. Bad story, bad writing and extremely bad acting!!!

  • Yup, totally vikings. by 1

    OK, this is the only new "Far til Fire" movie i've watched. The old "Far til Fire" movies were hundred times better!So i watched this film in the movie theater with my school, and some kids loved it, but some kids (including me) hated it.

    I would also say, that it's a movie for VERY small children, because they sing a lot in the film.

    The quality is good. The acting is not the best. The voice is not good. The camera movement is trash (they litterly didn't stabilize it!) And the story is sooooooo bad!