Firestorm (1998)

Firestorm (1998)
  • 3740
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1998 ()
  • Running time: 89 min
  • Original Title: Firestorm
  • Voted: 3740

Firefighter Jesse Graves has to save ornithologist Jennifer and other people caught in a forest fire, which was set up by the lawyer of convicted killer Earl Shaye, who escaped from the prison with several of his inmates posing as firefighters to recover thirty-seven million dollars in stashed loot.

1Howie LongJesse
2Scott GlennWynt
3William ForsytheShaye
4Suzy AmisJennifer
  • by 7/10

    firestorm is a cliffhanger type thriller starring Howie Long as JesseGraves a heroic fire fighter who is up against a group of escapedconvicts led by the Psycotic Randell who has kidnapped a bird watcherplayed by Suzi Amis and has caused a giant fire that is turning into Jesse must now save the hostage stop the fire and takecare of Randell. firestorm is quite a fun little thriller Howie Longwas quite a good hero shame he didn't make anymore action films afterthis.William Forsythe was absolutely brilliant as the main bad guyRandell William normally plays decent bad guys anyway like in out forjustice and stone cold.even Scott Glenn is in it. to end the reviewfirestorm is a well made action thriller a bit clichéd but still cool 7out of 10.

  • by 4/10

    I've seen worse and of course I've seen better. I enjoyed Backdraft,and I figured this was just Backdraft in the woods. It was just what Iexpected, a cheesy action movie, with "witty" lines and a totally offthe wall villain. William Forsythe is one of my favorite "villain"actors, and he does not disappoint. There's something about him that'sreally creepy. Favorite line? "Heeeeeeeeeeeeey smokejumpah! You stillalive?"

    If you're looking for a B movie that has pretty good action scenes andbad dialogue, this is the one for you. The fire scenes were actuallyquite good too. Great improbable stunts too.

    Too bad Howie didn't take his shirt off, I would have given it anotherstar.

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    When I first heard of Firestorm, I thought it was going to be a blast, butit just didn't live up to my expectations. I had to admit, the dialogue wasEXTREMELY lousy. Howie Long has to start reading his lines more. He seemedlike a damn zombie when it came to his talking parts! But enough about thebad parts. I think this film had a lot of great action sequences, because itall seemed pretty realistic. If he would just work at it, Long would make anexcellent action hero. Though he wouldn't make it to the level ofSchwarzeneggar and Stallone, he would probably equal to the level with DolphLundgren, Wings Hauser, Gary Busey, and Bruce Campbell. Firestorm reallyreminded me of a lot like Cliffhanger, because they similar plot tones.Let's face it, this film is no Ben-Hur, but if you like action films thatdon't require a high IQ, Firestorm is your right choice.

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    This movie was fun! Plain, simple, stupid fun! If you take it any otherwayof course it's going to become an awful movie in every aspect.

    I think everyone has said their piece about this film but I'd have to saythe most notable scene in the entire movie, the one scene that had melaughing my head off, was when the bad guys pretended to be CanadianFire-fighters. I live in Canada and I'll guarantee we don't talk likethat!It was definitely a funny scene, worth renting just for that scene alone!HAHAHA....

  • by 5/10

    "Firestorm" was avarage action thriller. The fire-effects were pretty nicebut in some parts they looked pretty "old". Action was nice but there really wasn´t much brains in it. William Forsythemade the best performance of he actors but none of them really convinced me.

    "Firestorms" plot seemed to be a mix from "Cliffhanger" and Ron Howards"Backdraft". It´s just to bad that "Firestorm" doesen´t manage to beanything like either of this good films. Don´t gett me wrong, "Firestorm"was an OK film in some ways. But in those other ways it wasn´t thatgreat.5/10

1J. Peter Robinsoncomposer
2Dean Semlerdirector
3Thomas M. Hammelproducer
4Jeph Loebproducer
5Matthew Weismanproducer
6Chris Sothwriter